Workplace 101: 7 Simple Steps to Improve Business Efficiency


There is always that one company that seems to have such streamlined service and efficiency, that human error hardly seems a factor in their day to day dealings, while certain processes seem to be optimized for the greatest effect in management.

For a business to create, and maintain, such an efficient and smooth running cohort of employees and systems is no easy task, yet in the end, the payoff of getting an efficient method of management can save your business thousands, even millions in the future. 

From the automation of certain processes to better workforce management systems, there are a host of things you can do to improve employee effectiveness and productivity in your business.

Workplace 101 7 Simple Steps to Improve Business Efficiency

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven things that you can do to optimize your business, and how best you can implement each process to help streamline your business.


It is imperative that employees are informed thoroughly of the expectations that the company has of their role, the one that they now occupy. When there is clarity surrounding the job they carry out, there is less time spent confused about what steps to take.

Naturally, there is a learning curve to consider, but this period is considerably reduced when the employee already has an understanding of the task’s relevance and its function in the company.

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Open-Door Policy

Under the umbrella of employee communication, an open-door policy is perhaps one of the easiest ways to maintain employee transparency. When management seems accessible, or close enough to respond to questions, this allows for a sense of comfort among employees and rewards them with a sense of openness.

To your credit, there is also the bonus of your company seeming employee-oriented in this case, where an atmosphere of inclusion is created among staff.

Performance Updates

How well can you do your job? Should an employee already know and is clear on the role they play within the company, then gauging their effectiveness in this role is necessary so efficiency may be maintained?

When employees are made aware of how well they are doing, they know exactly what to improve, they are also newly motivated, as now performance goals can be set, and efficiency in the role can now be optimized greatly over time.

Frequent Information Sessions

Despite its simplicity, its effectiveness in keeping employees informed is time-tested and proven, and still the most effective. It is necessary that employees are kept abreast of any changes within the company that has the potential to affect, especially, their ability to perform tasks.

These sessions need to be frequent enough that they become routine and employees know to expect updates from management as long it impacts them, and that they can trust that the information they get is accurate.

These can be done not only through scheduled meetings, but also through memos, emails, and individual sessions.

Automatic Processes

While processes might vary depending on your company type, having some of the functions such as monitoring employee activity, quantity reports, security scans, etc.

Being automatic can greatly benefit your company, as the time that would have been spent on these tasks (manually) can be used in another facet, while your computer systems monitor, and flag activity according to the threshold that you’ve previously set.

Workforce Management

This refers to the monitoring of employee’s schedules, training, performance, etc. It too is a process that can be automated, and there are leading companies that continuously strive to provide the best workforce management software, so a good research session should find you the best fit for your company.

In truth, there are a host of things you can do to streamline your company’s efficiency, and a good rule of thumb for business is, if you’ve thought about it, chances are there exists software for it.

In this entrepreneurial age, your business can’t be more costly than it is effective, or you’ll quickly lose your spot in the market. 

This list is not the be-all tell-all of a smoothly running business, but it is a step in the right direction.

It should always be a priority to know what the next step to betterment for your company is, as nobody knows your business, quite like you do.

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There are certain functions that may not need an actual human presence to be completed. For these roles, you may have an automated service installed, so the efficiency of the role is increased, and the likelihood of human error will drop to almost zero.

Robots, or automated devices, need little outside the way of maintenance once they have been properly programmed to fulfill their function, and as a result, are the most efficient in completing tasks.


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