Brand Awareness and What It Means for You


Throughout various industries and trends, some things in the business world remain consistent. The importance of brand awareness is one such constant, and it’s not difficult to see why. After all, how are customers supposed to choose your brand if they don’t know that you exist?

However, while the concept might be something that’s universal in business, the implementation of it is something that can vary quite dramatically.

Therefore, figuring out how to best increase your own brand awareness means understanding your brand and your industry through and through.

Brand Awareness

This might also mean making changes to how you do things, and optimizing your approach to get a better result.

The Quality of the Awareness

There are plenty of schools of thought when it comes to the phrase ‘there’s no such thing as bad press’, but you might decide that it’s better to err on the side of caution. While that phrase might be ambiguous in its truth, you might be aware of something else that absolutely does exist – word-of-mouth marketing. 

You want to ensure that what’s being said about you is good, as it’s very much possible for audiences to recognize your brand, but only as a name that should be avoided.

That’s not to say that you can never turn a bad PR situation to your advantage, but cementing an association of negativity is not something that’s going to be beneficial to you in the long run.

Increasing your awareness and the quality of your brand association in one fell swoop might be difficult, but focusing on the latter to start with means that when people do hear about you, you’re making an impression with your best foot forward. 

Finessing your customer service ensures that you always put quality first when it comes to the product or service that you provide – these are things that customers will remember about you and keep them coming back once they discover you. The trick is tipping them off about your existence in the first place.

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Standing Out by Following Trends

There is a paradox that you have to work with when it comes to marketing. You are trying your best to inform your audiences of what makes you different from your competitors and why they should choose you over them – but you’re communicating this in often very similar or exactly the same ways that everyone else is opting for. 

This can lead to a strange sensation, from the perspective of the customer, where each advert that is trying hard to be different for the sake of grabbing attention can feel indistinguishable from the next. 

So, it is an uphill battle that you’re doomed to lose? No, but before you can work out what your specific tone of voice and vision is going to look like when you do have their attention, you need to work out how to reach them in the first place.

SEO is a popular example, and the number of businesses that do use this speaks to its efficacy. However, it’s also important to understand what choosing marketing services particular to your industry can add to your mileage.

Construction marketing services are going to be much more informed as to the needs of those businesses than one more used to a generalized approach. 

The kinds of content that are created in order to make your brand more visible will be in keeping with your brand, and something that you can have a direct say in if you’re hoping to take this in a particular direction.

Video marketing is also incredibly popular, and part of this is due to its versatility. Once you have a piece of video content that you’re happy with, you’re free to deploy this on social media pages, on your website, on TV adverts, on banner ads, on video platforms – it’s easy to get your money’s worth with something like this. 

However, due to the direct attention, this can be harder to fine-tune in a way that gets your point across with the right amount of flair without coming across as obnoxious or trying too hard. That’s not to say that approach can never work, but it’s not just about what works. It’s also about what makes sense for your brand.

Brand Consistency

The ultimate form that your marketing material takes is going to depend on your audience. Are you trying to grab attention right from the get-go?

Flashy visuals and a fast pace might be your approach to prevent people from getting bored, but this can also put people off for the same reason that advertising, in general can just come across as generally dislikeable to an audience that are numb to its presence in everyday life. 

Some try to get around this by being self-aware, but this is a difficult card to play, because self-awareness without any difference in the result is just lip service, and that’s something that people might like even less.

It’s a can of worms, but in order to navigate it, think about what kind of personality and identity you have established for your own brand up to this point. Have you been an ironic and informal brand when it comes to how you engage with your customers on social media? Or, perhaps, have you always ensured that professionalism comes first? 

You want your marketing, even when shifting to new forms, to feel like an extension of what your brand has been up to that point. Otherwise, you risk confusing and alienating your prior audiences in your pursuit of new ones.

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Dealing with the New Attention

If your newfound marketing has been successful, you might quickly find your social media pages inundated with new followers, and your website gaining levels of traffic that are new to you.

This is good, but to truly make the most of it, you want to ensure that these digital destinations are as brushed up as they can possibly be – your social media pages are active and relevant, and that your website is well-designed, accessible and up to date with all of your latest information.


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