Increase Your Profit With These 7 Business Shipping Tips


If you run a successful e-commerce business, logistics is always at the forefront of your mind. From the moment the customer clicks ‘buy now’, the clock is ticking, and you need fast and efficient picking, packing and delivery.

Business Shipping Tips

Here are a few tips to help cut shipping costs.

1. Packaging

Your packaging design should be sturdy, with inner packing if required, which results in fewer returns, saving you money. If returns are on the up, this might be due to inferior packaging, reviewing your packaging will help you identify the problem.

Returns are part and parcel of shipping goods, the aim is to minimise them, which can be done with good packaging.

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2. Fast Delivery

The digital consumer loves same-day delivery and by using a same day courier service Melbourne or your city offers, the product will be delivered to their door.

Third-party logistics (3PL) is a booming industry, due to the surge in e-commerce and they have the resources to offer same day delivery. When customers receive their goods promptly, they will recommend you to others, which is a bonus.

3. Compare Prices

As mentioned, the 3PL sector is huge and Google can help you locate a few established warehouses near you. When you join forces with a 3PL company, all your logistics are handled by professionals, which leaves you free to focus on customer service or any other aspect of the business.

Providers are happy to quote, and you can terminate the service at any time. Once your products and packaging are delivered to their warehouse, all you do is forward orders electronically.

This is the reason 3PL is so popular with e-commerce stores, as it guarantees fast order fulfilment, and you’ll find that most are competitive; they have many clients to share their costs and consequently lower the per unit price.

4. Outsource Order Fulfilment

Outsource Order Fulfilment

Join forces with a local service, a 3PL warehousing Melbourne provider for example. Forward orders by email to their warehouse; they have your products and packaging and are set up for high-volume order fulfilment.

Third-party logistics providers have state-of-the-art warehouses, where much of the work is automated and the cost per unit is low, keeping your margins up.

5. Package Tracking

When you outsource your shipping to a 3PL company, you can find out the location of any consignment by pasting the package ID into a search window and instantly discover the precise location of the package.

This is regarded as an excellent feature and one that every e-store should have.

6. Green Packaging

The trend is to use recycled packaging, which is eco-friendly and what consumers look for when buying products.

There are online solutions for product package design; Google will take you to a website with a diverse range of green packaging and you can ask for a few samples.

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7. QC

Quality control is an essential manufacturing process that enables pinpointing minor issues and resolution. Without QC, you might be sending out defective products, which will eventually be returned; periodically review returns to ensure they are acceptable.

You should be able to dispatch products, confident that they will reach the hands of the customer in A1 condition.

Logistics can be a major headache for an e-commerce business, which is why most use a 3PL warehouse that is close to their business premises, which streamlines order fulfilment, boosting net profits.

As your business grows, your logistics should be handled by a specialist, which takes the strain from your resources and guarantees fast order fulfilment.


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