Things to Consider When Doing a Social Media Audit


A social media audit is designed to help you identify the performance of various social media profiles with the aim of making them better. During the exercise, you have to take a look at every profile and see how much it has contributed to your success.

Social Media Audit

As a result, you’ve to be systematic in your approach and not overlook anything. You also need to know the factors that are likely to influence the performance of these profiles. The following are some of the things that you have to keep in mind when doing this.

Understanding the Previous Impact

Getting the best results from a social media audit requires you to look at the initial impact that the profiles had on your business. Think of the time when you chose to create that profile and how you used it. Even if you no longer use that profile, there is a reason you created it, and so, you have to go back to that point. You will notice that there is still some value that you can get from it if a few things change.

For instance, you may be thinking that it is outdated yet you only need to upgrade your information to meet the current needs. It is all about finding out when the account started being less useful and knowing how to make the account useful again.

Look At the Performance of Every Profile

You will not get an accurate audit of your accounts if you only look at a selected few. Instead of doing that, you should consider coming up with a list of all the accounts that your business has used and come up with a detailed analysis. Although it may take a lot of time, you will notice that it gives you a clear picture of how your business has been benefiting from social media. It also makes the audit more accurate, and that is how you end up with information that will drive your business going forward.

Get a Written Account

During the social media audit, be sure to document every observation because you will need it when it comes to making crucial statistics. You will notice that when working with too many profiles from various websites, it becomes easy to forget some of your findings as you work.

Because of that you need to get a good record book and record everything that you find. You will need these records when looking at how to improve every individual profile as well as when looking to harmonize them for a better experience for your company.

Compare the Statistics

Another crucial process is to compare the statistics that you find from the audit to see the accounts that are doing well and those that are not. It will help you to know where to put your energies. It is a fact that even though you have been active on various social media platforms, some may not be well suited for your business.

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Different businesses have different preferences, and therefore, not all will be looking for the same platforms. However, you have to be careful not to write off any platform unless your audit is convincing you to do so. It takes a detailed analysis for you to come up with the right decisions.

Do not forget to set goals after getting enough information from the social media audit. If you feel that this work is overwhelming, you do not have to worry because you can always hire an expert to do it on your behalf. You only need to make sure that then you have the right social media tools and skills to come up with a thorough audit.


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