Florida’s 5 Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center


Johann Hari once said, “Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you -it’s the cage you live in”, when this cage is broken, you are set free to explore and experience the higher pleasures in life. Substance abuse is a grave problem and must be dealt with great patience and care. Addiction is like a prison where the locks are inside hence realization is the foremost step to recovery. As addictions affect the person and family emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, choosing the appropriate center to help the loved one is important. The right drug rehab center can make or break your recovery process, the sunshine state of Florida has some of the best recovery centers in the country so here is a list of the top 5 drug rehab centers that you can choose from.

Drug Alcohol Addict

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1. Beachway Therapy Center

Escaping the shadows of addiction requires the right addiction treatment and supportive measures which are provided by the Beachway Therapy Center. It’s a luxurious drug rehab center set against the backdrop of a serene lake providing a peaceful environment for recovery. Their protocol includes a wide range of holistic treatments like art, equine, and music therapy. They believe in cutting-edge, individualized treatment of the highest quality through various comprehensive treatment plans. This drug rehab center is different because they provide minimum of two individual sessions a week while others offer one.

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2. 12 Keys Rehab Center

This drug rehab center uses the unique blend of science, spirit, body and family as its crux for the treatment of clients. The recovery process at 12 Keys is administered by a large and qualified professional staff providing individualized treatment by keeping a low staff to client ratio. They believe that there’s always someone to talk to at 12 keys. There are a number of positive testimonials from former patients, both on their website and across the internet.

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3. Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

A nationally recognized center that integrates natural and holistic protocols along with certain traditional medications. Affordable care and personalized treatment is their USP! It has a feel-at-home vibe for the residing clients along with exceptional outpatient services. They have the traditional 12 step and Christian “Faith” based treatment program in addition to holistic therapy. The site also displays some positive testimonials from the alumni.

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4. The Recovery Village

Addiction is a disease. Get treatment that works” – is their motto. They offer treatment to men and women suffering from substance abuse problems and addiction. They offer a “live chat” option through which the alumni can share their valuable experiences with the existing clients. Besides the traditional methods, their treatment protocol includes yoga and meditation in open courtyards and gardens which leave the clients rejuvenated and ready to take on life with new zest.

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5. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

They offer a comprehensive treatment program for clients of all age groups.They have an enlightening read in their “thought for the day” blog. They conduct group meetings with alumni and clients, therefore, they get a better understanding of the benefits of their program. This drug rehab center is a driving force in providing individuals life of endless opportunities by ensuring an optimum recovery process.

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