How Important Is A Pre Placement Talk


Nowadays industries visit campuses of educational institutions or gather in a common place to hire students through campus interviews. These students are usually those who are on the verge of completing their degree. The qualities they look for while recruiting students is their ability to work, their capability, their personality, how they treat people around them, their focus and aim.

pre placement talk

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Finding talented and suitable individuals for their companies is a major aim of campus placement. Although it is a cumbersome activity it makes fresh candidates available to the industry according to their need. The companies which train students on placement should take the responsibility to make the students aware of all the facets of career development. This makes the student confident and aware of everything and every aspect they need to consider before getting placed.

Pre Placement Talk

The first thing which takes place in campus placement is Pre-placement talk. In this talk, a presentation is made about the company. This presentation ends with students being given a chance to ask questions related to the company. The questions that the students usually ask are – the traits the company is looking for in a candidate, journey of the organization, concerns regarding location constraints etc.

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Contents of the Talk

There are various other sources of recruitment but Pre-placement talk takes place only when the company decides to infuse fresh blood into the organization through campus placement. This talk takes place before the interview and is done by a person representing the company. The talk usually contains information about the company such as – company’s history, the board of directors, culture and people, turnover, products and product line, locations and branches, clients and customers.

There is no set format for the Pre-placement talk and it varies from company to company. The basic aim of this is to make students understand thoroughly about the company they plan to get placed with.

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Pre Placement Talk – A Kind of Advertising

Pre-placement talk is the way the company introduces itself to their prospective workforce. Through the talk, the company tries to look for brains who are talented and interested in becoming a part of their company. This talk also acts as an advertisement for the company in the sense that if a candidate fails to get into the company, there is a chance for him to return to it in the future.

Students and their conduct during the Talk

The students should attend the pre-placement talk attentively and should be cautious to every detail provided during the talk. The company selectors might ask questions from the talk. Also during the talk, the opportunity given to students to ask questions about the company should be grabbed by them as this might lead to their getting noticed by the company.

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Pre Placement Talks and Interaction

Pre-placement talk can basically be called a kind of ad for the company and an explanation of its profile to the prospective candidates from whom the company aims to choose its future employees. The companies should try and make the talk as interactive and interesting and filled with fun games and quizzes as possible. This kind of interactive talk impresses the candidates and makes them attracted towards the companies and excited about the prospects of working with them.

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