How To Deal With Stress At School/College


Stress management plays a crucial role for avoiding emotional imbalances in one’s life. A recent survey shows that around 78% of Indian students complain about different kinds of pressure they face because of their academic environment. But only 17% of them are able to deal with those stress and the rest landing in psychological problems. If at all you are among them, I think this article is going to help you.


The following are some of the ways which you can follow to make yourself free from those stresses:


The way you organize your time and the stress levels associated with it are inversely proportional. In short, make a list of things in the order of their importance and always finish them within the deadlines set by you. Never ever give reasons to yourself for not completing it. Because it will make you lethargic and which in turn will develop stress in you.


Always ensure that you’re never surrounded by pessimists. Because it poses a direct threat to your confidence levels which in turn will create some stress in you. Make those friends with whom you can grow with, not just in education but also in other extra-curricular activities to shape your personality in a better way.



Make time to yourself for at least 20 minutes in a day. Do whatever makes you happy like maybe dancing, listening to music, reading your favorite book or anything. Sometimes even a good nap helps you to burst out stress. Most importantly, remember you need a minimum of 6 hours sleep every day.


Across the world it’s proven that, those who exercise regularly are always active and positive when compared to those who don’t. Thus, make it a routine to work out everyday. People do face stress when they aren’t physically fit too. So shed those extra calories and remain healthy. Don’t forget to add balanced diet to your lifestyle. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible as they may lack essential nutrients, lead to obesity, loss of appetite etc.

I’m sure that you can avoid stress if you follow these simple guidelines. The best part in all of these is, it’s not that you don’t know them. In fact you might even know more about how to deal with stress. But what you lack is the self-push to follow them regularly. So the foremost step you need to do is to motivate yourself in a very conventional way and kick-start your day. So all the best and there you go!!!

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