Tips & Tricks To Overcome Stage Fear


There are two types of people first is Extrovert and second is Introvert. They are mainly described as this because of public speaking, some people don’t have that stage fear but many people have that stage phobia in their mind. People are not able to speak in front of an audience. This is a situation when palms are sweaty, the heart is racing that is the feeling of stage fear and to overcome the same phobia here are some tips:

Stage Fear Tips

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1) Know your Content

This is an important tip when you are going to be on stage for a speech or something. You should know your content as understanding your topic will enable you to speak more naturally and hence more confidently. As well as no need to focus more on it because many more tips are yet to come but yes knowing your stuff will somehow help you to fight with stage phobia.

2) Rehearse and Rehearse

Knowing your content is important but main concern is how you present it in front of everyone so for the same you need to practice as it is always said that practice makes a man perfect and one of the oldest and populous technique to overcome stage fear is to stand in front of mirror and speak about your topic. Basically, it will take your stage fear out of your mind.

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3) Go Slow

It has been often seen that when people are nervous on stage they rush with their presentation so another important tip is not to rush when you are on stage and allow yourself time to get into a comfortable pace and also don’t just get too slow that audience may get bored and you forget your content. The focus should be to balance the rhythm of your presentation.

4) Focus on the Beginning

This means you mainly and mostly need to focus on the beginning of your content that is starting 2 to 3 minutes of your presentation because after that you will get comfortable and fully confident. So focus on the same and get through the starting time and rest is downhill.

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5) Arrive Early

Whenever you know you need to face audience arrive early so that you get used to with environment because if you are late or on time that will fill you with anxiety but arriving early helps you to check out the stage and acclimate to your surroundings.

6) Don’t Care About Anyone

Take a breath and relax. The fighter knows about the problem and works with it. Don’t just focus on what people will think and you need to get over the feeling that the world is going to hang on your every mistake so just chill and focus on your presentation and stage fear will slowly ease off.

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