Importance Of Professional Email Address In Your Job Interview


Email has a great importance in modern business. Doesn’t matter whether the recipient is miles away or few doors away, it can be received instantaneously. It is the cheapest way to communicate. It is very effective in spreading information too. Professionalism is not only dressing nice or having an advanced degree. One should show professionalism in working world too. There are guidelines to follow in order to be considered a professional.

Professional Email

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Before sending your resume to prospective company, ask yourself;

Is your Email address professional???

First Impression

Truth is that before opening your message, you are judged upon your email. For example talking about spam or promotion mails, we don’t likely open or have a look on them. So you should register yourself with proper email address before applying in any company. Take a little time to think about your email address.

How To Create A Professional Email?

Good emails are short and specific. Email address is an ideal way to contact someone about a job.

A Good Username

  1. The employer would be interested in an email with your real name. Do check the spelling of what you are entering.
  2. It makes it easier for him/her. So always before ‘@’ that is your username always see that you are registering yourself with your real name.
  3. Avoid very long usernames.
  4. Also Avoid references to race, gender, religion or particularly wild things in your username.
  5. Avoid using your nickname rather use the full name of yours.

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A Good Domain Name

  1. It is also advised to use “Yahoo” or “Gmail” domain name as “Hotmail” and “aol” are very outdated.
  2. Business also are expected to have a personalized domain name.

It’s true that nobody is going to reject you on your email but yes, it gives an overall impression of you. Don’t connect yourself that makes you look unprofessional. One should not make email with weird or disrespecting words. A professional email address creates authenticity. Email is a part of who you are. Your email should also look professional as you. Professionalism can benefit your reputation and success. Your email should stand out from other applicants, so that while you are sending a resume one should be eager to have look what’s inside.

Hope this would help you to create perfect professional email and perform better in upcoming interviews. Be confident and keep yourself focused while giving an interview.

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