Tips For Effective Body Language In Job Interviews


The job interview last for minutes but it gives powerful impact to the life of interviewees. In job interview body language matters a lot. Your body speaks more than your verbal communication. There should be proper co-ordination between your words and body language so that it will bring a fruitful results. So in this article, I’m going to share with you some tips for effective body language in your job interviews.

Body language tips

The following are some important body language tips that you need to follow in your job interviews to impress the interviewer:

1. Entrance should be Great

Your entrance into the interview room should be great. You should look calm enough. You should enter the room in such a way that if anybody is watching you they must feel the confidence in you. Remember your body language is the main key thing for communication between you and interviewer.

2. Walk Perfectly

Even the way you walk into the interview room is very important. You should walk in a gentle and a calm way. The candidate for the interview is judged from the moment he/she entered into the organization.

3. Take a sit firmly

The chair provided to you will be mostly plastic chairs or sometimes even metal ones. So when the interviewer asks you to take your seat, you should lift the chair gently backwards without making any rattling noise. Sit straight in the chair. Eye sight should be faced to the interviewer. This shows that you are confident enough to face interview.

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4. Handshake in a Proper Way

You should begin the interview process with a proper handshake. Initiate the handshake process. Your hand shake should be done in such a way that it should create a positive impression. You can practice it with your friends priorly.

5. Eye Contact

The conversation is half done by your body language. During the conversation, maintain the eye contact with the interviewer. The eye contact shows that you are responding to the interviewer and also your confidence.

6. Use Gestures

The words become more powerful when you use the body gestures. Do the hand movements according to your word sets. Do not move the hands frequently otherwise it will show negative body language.

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7. Keep your Feet on the Ground

Body language plays an important role in the interview. All body parts have its significant meaning to the interviewer. Sit freely and do not make cross legs. Don’t make any leg movements because it shows your nervousness. Hence it is advised to keep your feet on the ground.

8. Take a Deep Breath

The interview process sometime may take longer time. So whatever it may be, you are required to maintain proper body language. Take a deep breath because that will reduce your stress level in your body.

9. Keep your Hands Free

The closed and cross arm shows the negative impression. It indicates that you are hiding something. This also shows less trust worthy. So don’t do that.

10. Nod and Lean

You should not only maintain the eye contact but also nod your head. The activity of nodding your head shows that you are listening to them and you are getting what they are saying. Leaning shows your keen interest in the conversation.

These are some of the useful tips which will help you make some proper body language in the interview process. It is best achieved when you practice and feel confident at the time of interview process.

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