How To Give A Good Presentation


During our school/college life, many of us have faced the daunting task to give presentation in front of an audience, where you’re the center of attention and the spotlight is on you to enlighten the entire audience. That too when you have a little knowledge on certain topics which you are going to present to an audience makes the work even trickier.

However, in this article I’ll give you some basic tips on how to nail the art of giving a presentation, equally adept for experienced professionals and newcomers in the field of sharing presentations.

good presentation

Firstly, for giving a good presentation you need to have a well framed idea of what information you are going to share and how are you going to share it. Basically, you should be prepared beforehand to clear out any mistakes you might make without the adequate amount of practice. There are 5 simple ways to keep yourself prepared and ready for giving a smooth talk on anything and those 5 ways are as follows:

1. Give Your Presentation A Focused Context:

Research is the most important thing that you should work on in order to have your information right. However, delivering that knowledge to the audience is the tougher part. One should aim to keep the talk, short and simple. Because a rambling presentation isn’t easy to follow and not even interesting enough to captivate the audience either. Therefore, one needs a well-defined framework to keep their audience interested. The purpose and prose of your talk must be shaped according to the audience. Your research and information should be presented in a logical outline.

2. Don’t Overwhelm The Audience:

Sharing too much information straight away can overwhelm the audience and dull their interest towards your talk. Facts are a good way to present your knowledge in a simple and verified manner. However if the talk becomes too factual, it can backfire as your audience may start spacing out during the show. Therefore, one should aim to keep their talk compact and simple.

3. Adequate Practice:

The most obvious of the basic tips to give a strong presentation and yet it is one of the most underestimated and neglected one. It is not enough just to prepare and be acquainted with the topic of the presentation. Practicing before the actual showdown is very important as it helps you maintain a framework around your talk and gives you an idea on how to share your knowledge in a better well-paced way. Thus making the actual talk much smoother.

4. Engage The Audience:

You’re not a storyteller or a comedian to keep your audience entertained at all times. But winning over the audience is the key to giving an excellent talk. Aim on having a strong vocal monotone and try voice modulation according to the different faucets of your talk to keep your audience engaged. Try to maintain an eye contact with the audience so that you can connect to them on an emotional level and have them following the basic outline of your talk with keen interest.

5. Pace Your Presentation:

Keep in mind that the audience should understand the basic outline of your talk. So talk slowly and smoothly when explaining the basic gist of the topic. Change your pace and voice according to the importance of your topic. Also it’s important to explain the main theme clearly to your audience. However facts and examples are some facets of your talk where you shouldn’t drone on and finish them quickly. Also keep in mind that the first and last parts of your talk will have the most impact on how your presentation will be remembered by the audience. So aim to make those parts specifically brilliant.

Follow the above 5 basic tips. Be in charge and be confident about your presentation. Connect with the audience and there’s no way that you won’t be able to give an astounding presentation.

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