Tips To Avoid And Handle Stress In Your Life


Stress, no person has escaped from this evil. If you born as a human being in this earth, then you must definitely have to come across this. What is stress? Body’s automatic response to physical or mental demand. Actually brain fires out electrical waves. When we are in a normal state we faces 7 to 14 cycle per second. These are called alpha wave. These waves are helpful in gathering information. But when, we are in a situation of stress, then the brain fires 14 cycles per second. This is beta waves. In this situation brain fails to collect proper information that leads to depression and anxiety. There is an element in our body to respond this stress and it is nothing but our adrenaline. When we are put under stress, then adrenaline is released to handle it. It causes rapid change in blood flow, breathing, increase in heart rate etc.

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Is All Stresses Are Bad?

Definite NO. Because when we are under moderate stress we can perform with good efficiency. When it comes to little more stress, it shows boredom. And the next high level stress leads to anxiety which is really dangerous for our mind and health. Mostly these stresses lead to major problems like weight loss/gain, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, addiction, emotional arrest, and goes on.

What’s this Stressors?

Stressors are the elements creating a stage to stress. Main reason for our stress in our day today life is actually situation, activities, relationships, family, finance, health, environment these are the most stress creating stressors.

Strategies To Handle Stress

Simple changes which will make a huge difference to send off stress from you.

  1. First one which is more important for life is sleep. If a person sleeps well with a relaxed mind then stress can never find this person’s address.
  2. Then this second strategy is like every person around us would have advised us to do it. Yes, you are correct. It’s nothing but exercising. Physiology says that those people who workout daily may feel easy to handle difficult situation and also yoga will do fine.
  3. When our mind is under stress arrest, we need a talk therapy to heal this? It’s a most effective way to overcome stress. Talk to someone who distributes positive waves to all. Else can go for counseling, it’s mostly a better choice. But beyond all, we can divert our mind and occupy with some other things too.

How To Avoid Stress

Avoid perception and expectation, because these two will kill you. Have a reasonable and realistic goal which will take you without other thoughts. Have a limit for everything, don’t go beyond that. You may have lots of task to perform but break the task, make a list and do it, it’s very effective. And don’t compromise for anything you cannot bear. Manage your time for all works. Most and very important thing is you have to find time and space for you. You or I is more important that other materials and beings in this world remember till your life. Act positive which will bring you positive. Give and take, it’s simple.

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Simple life will give no way to your stress life. Make everything simple, not to be too complicated. Take life as inhaling a breeze because life will be very blessed when we are ready to spend time for us. Move on from those situations which is not acceptable. Accept the things in your life which we cannot change at any cost. Make yourself positive in all the direction you can. It’s all very simple things which will definitely lead your life better.

When you are ready to manage your stress life, then you are definitely ready for many beautiful things on the go. Health will become better without any risk. Increase your positive attitude, learn new things, follow your dreams and make way to achieve your goal.

Take life stress free and make life care free !!!

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