How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview


A good show in an interview has lots to do with your career. Many a time, candidates with good qualifications might be rejected, because of their poor performance in the interview. The main reason behind this is lack of awareness in the candidates about the interview etiquette. The initial 5-10 minutes on how you introduce yourself is enough for the interviewer to judge you.

Introduce yourself

So in order to present yourself effectively before an interviewer, you must know the following things to impress your HR:

  1. Greeting the interviewer/panel is a must, as soon as you enter the room. If there is only interviewer, hand shaking would be appropriate.
  2. Sitting posture is a major aspect. It should resemble that you’re disciplined and humble. In order to look pleasant, don’t smile too much.
  3. Don’t give answers in single word; rather try to give elaborate answers for every questions.
  4. Even if you’re tensed, be confident in what you speak.
  5. Don’t use complicated vocabularies while you speak; just make it simple.
  6. Revealing details about your education is the important part of the introduction. So instead of beating around the bush, start straight ahead.
  7. Primarily, tell why you chose that particular company for the job. Any previous work experience is a must to discuss.
  8. Include your areas of interest and any achievements. Your achievements will add to your profile.
  9. Talk about your family background only when asked specifically.
  10. Try to give examples of your real life experience when you are telling about your strengths, character and all.
  11. Don’t create a funny atmosphere unless you’re very good in cutting jokes. Henceforth, it’s better to maintain a serious environment.
  12. Don’t stop answering unless they ask you to. I mean just leave a small pause after every answers and see whether the HR moves on to next question. If he/she’s not, then start speaking more till the HR satisfies.
  13. Be careful on thanking them. If you thank too much it might create an inferior/pitiful image of you.
  14. Last but not the least, attend the interview in a presentable way. So, prefer formals.

Keep the above points in your mind while you introduce yourself to the interviewer to make a good impression at the start of the interview itself.

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