How To Make People Listen When You Speak


The Human Voice – It’s the instrument that we all play and probably one of the most powerful sound in the world forever. One can straight away start a war or just say “I Love You”. That much powerful it is. Many people, including me, have this experience that when they speak, people fail to listen to them. Have you ever been in those kinda situations? Then you are at the right place. Let me help you with “How To Make People Listen When You Speak?”.

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Have you ever thought why people don’t listen when you speak? Ever thought of finding the reason behind it? Okay, first I’ll tell you those reasons and then I’ll tell you the ways to correct those, so that people will listen when you speak.


First of all, there are certain number of bad habits which are considered as deadly sins of speaking that we human beings got used to. We have to move away from these habits. The following are those habits which we should give up:


This is one very bad habit which tops my list and I have seen many of my friends doing this most of the time. Gossiping about someone who’s not present in that scenario is not good. The same person who gossiped about someone to us will gossip about us to others the next minute when we move on from their scenario. You know it’s the cheapest thing that one can do. So better try to move away from this bad habit.


Stop judging someone with your opinions. Without even knowing the persons situation, we judge them. We straight away judge them on certain things that we see. The thing is that we don’t even consider everything about someone before we judge them. It’s really very hard to listen to somebody if you know that you are being judged. So the next bad habit you should give away is judging.


Don’t always be a Pessimist!!! Be an Optimist!!! It’s really hard to listen to those people who always talk negatively. So try to develop the habit of approaching everything positively.


This is another form of negativity. We people always complain about everything that feel not good. So try to adjust and adapt to every situations that you face in your life.


Stop saying excuses. There are people out there who hesitate to take the responsibility when something bad happens because of their actions and they just throw the blame on somebody else. It’s really hard to listen to those kinda people. So avoid saying excuses and try to take responsibility for your actions.


Don’t exaggerate on things that you see. Because your exaggeration becomes lying and again it’s really hard to listen to those people who are lying to us. So better give up exaggerating.


This is the last bad habit that we need to give up. It is nothing but the confusion of facts with opinions. It again becomes difficult to listen to those people who argues with you with their own set of views and opinions that they made up. Don’t ever follow this habit again when you talk to someone.

So these are those deadly sins of speaking which one should avoid in order to make people listen to them when they speak.


So as a next thing after giving up those bad habits, we need to follow certain qualities to attract people when we speak. The following are those qualities that we need to develop:


Always be honest with your words. People love those who are honest to them. Be straight and clear in every statement that you make when you converse. Developing this quality will help you maintain good rapport with people.


Just be Yourself. Always try to maintain authenticity when you speak with others. People love to talk to those who are being themselves.


Always do what you say. So that people will develop trust on you which in turn develops interest in them for listening to your words.


The love here don’t mean romantic love. It mean wishing people well. By mixing honesty with love, we can greet others pleasantly.

Other than those above qualities, there are other things that you need to do with your voice. The following are those points that you should keep in mind when you speak:

  • Always talk from your chest. Because that’s where we can get the depth for our voice. The thing is that we people associate depth with power and authority. So I hope you get it.
  • Always try to maintain rich, smooth and warm voice. You can achieve those by proper breathing, posture and exercises.
  • Always maintain prosody when you speak. Because that’s the only way with which you can impart meaning to your words.
  • Don’t end your statements with a question when you speak. Because it will affect your ability to communicate through prosody.
  • Always maintain a good pace throughout your speech.
  • Use the pitch and volume of your vocals correctly at right places.
  • Last but not least. End your statements with a small silence. Because that silence adds value to your speech and it’s very powerful.

By following the above good qualities and giving up those bad habits, you can master the art of giving excellent speech which will make the listener to listen keenly.

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