How To Get People To Agree With You


Have you ever thought why people don’t agree with you? Have you ever wanted someone to get agree to what you say? Even after the suggestion was crap, you wanted affirmation that you can convince people of your point of view. Well, here are some tricks that you can try to get people agree to you at work, home and in social life.

Agree people

1. Be clear and confident

Deliver your ideas with confidence and make sure you know exactly what you want from yourself and from the other person. Talk fluently and avoid hesitant words like “I mean” or “umm”. Master the body language and watch your positioning just as you watch your mouth. If you are confident, others will agree with what you say.

2. Choose time of interaction wisely

People are more likely to agree with you if they are particularly not busy and relaxed. Be sceptical and present your argument at the right timing. If they listen to what you have to say and always look interested in you, then it may be the good timing and you may achieve the better and faster results.

3. Share an experience or tell a story

Provide real world examples or stories and share a positive experience to increase the likelihood of people agreeing with you. Try to build awareness. People will be more attracted to and open to your ideas.

4. Keep it simple

The complexity makes hard to achieve agreement – not because the statement is necessarily controversial, but because it is complicated and people may not feel like they understand what you are saying. So keep your point of view in a short and simple way.

5. Quote some evidence and statistics

Statistics can make anything seem like the truth. If you want someone to agree with something, use percentages and fractions to your advantage. Heck! It doesn’t have to be a lie. But you can make up a little. The power of statistics is in that no one ever asks how big your sample size is.

Consider this example: Say to your friend that 2 out of 3 people believe that iphone has some drawbacks. Your friend will not question you, “how many people have you asked to” (those two people can your closest relatives).

6. A smile confuses an approaching frown

Yes. That’s true. A Smile can help people to view you and your ideas in a positive light. Seriously, studies say that people are less likely to refuse a request when asked smiling. So get people to agree to you and yourself a chance to smile more.

7. Quote someone

See what I did in this article. I let you know what great people have to say. If you want people to get to agree with you or to encourage them, quote someone. No one knows all the quotes in the world, so you should be safe making up some of your own. 😉

So there you go !!! Enjoy making people agree to your spectacular ideas.

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