How To Write A Post-Interview Thank You Letter


After completing your graduation, you are fired with a series of interview, many a times it may happen that you clear an interview cheerfully but in a condition when you can’t perform well, use your tactics to just impress the interviewer. Want to know how? Here are some tips:

Thank You Note Letter

If you really want to blow out a hiring manager, just add a few lines before “I look forward…” with something that which tempts the interviewer to not let you go. Just think of a quick snap that comes to your mind or of something which was discussed between you and the interviewer in the interview, let’s say that you’re in a creative role to do something artistic or which shows out your creativity, put some taglines if you got a role in branding, or just some slides or partners if you’re in business development or sales. If you find your interviewer more traditional or you got a feel that he or she is the type who would like to appreciate a note which is written in handwriting, feel free to drop a card in own handwriting.

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A thank-you note is required in a face-to-face interview. It’s recommended that you thank your hiring manager two times, the first can be a quick hand written thank-you note card and again after some time, an engaging email message. If you think that two follow-ups with the hiring person is enough, remember that these persons are overloaded with information at all times. Your quick note card saying thank-you reveals out that you know how to write and how to be polite. The email which you did for follow-up can get into the areas you and the interviewer spoke about in more depth.

You need to give specific examples that gives the hiring manager an answer that why you are a better fit for the position, and distinguish your skills set from the competition. Anything unrelated to the job must not be mentioned. Let’s say you’re interviewed just for a job which is related to sales, just talk about your previous experience in sales only, not accounting! Share the idea of how you would solve a problem and why is it the best solution to the problem provided, obstacle, or meet a challenge which can be faced by the company. This proves that you understand the ambition and the goals of the hiring company and that you can immediately become part of the team.

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Never try to be over smart with a thank you letter post interview, because by the time you would be mailing the interviewer a thank you note, he/she have guessed your capabilities and smartness very well! Try to be as polite and humble as possible, which in most of the cases is the way to make your day out and cheerful!

A thanks giving letter will address the important discussions of the interview.


  • Show up what employer liked about your qualities.
  • Show up the skills required for the job.
  • Keep the message short and only important discussions must be covered
  • Have someone else to read it and tell mistakes before you send it.
  • It’s great to add something relevant like a paper clipping.


  • Sending as usual template thank you letters.
  • Faxing the thank you letters.
  • Claiming experience or qualifications you have not earned.
  • Handing a sealed thank you letter to the employer at the end of the interview!
  • Don’t forget to sign it, while sending a snail-mail version!

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