How To Groom Yourself For An Interview For Men


Amongst the many criterion for cracking a job in an interview, grooming yourself has a key role. Of course one may argue that you ain’t attending any fashion contest to dress up and all, but do remember that dressing well is also a form of good manners. Unlike the usual wrong notion that men don’t require much attention to their dressing, there are actually a lot of small things to be taken care of, even for men while attending an interview.

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How to choose the appropriate dress?

Do a small research on how the employees of the particular company you applied for, are dressing up everyday. This will help you to understand what kind of dress to be preferred. An important thing to note here is, sometimes the company doesn’t bother much about their employees appearance. However it’s more likely that they expect the candidates for the job to attend the interview in a decent way.

If you have put in an application for a higher post, prefer wearing a suit. And also don’t forget to insert a handkerchief into your shirt pocket. But wearing a semi formal dress, fits to all kinds of jobs. Why semi formal because, it creates an impression to the interviewer that you’re a casual and an outgoing person. A tie is not mandatory though but a big ‘NO’ to Tuxedo and Jeans.

Coming to the color of your dress, it is found that interviewers prefer those who wear black, white and blue. If you still feel you couldn’t choose between those, go for neutral colors such as gray and brown. Stay away from orange, green and yellow. Avoid any kind of trendy patterns on your shirt unless you are attending the interview in a fashion industry.

Regardless of what you wear, ensure that you wear them at least once before the interview. Then you can understand how well it suits you. Also, clean and pressed clothes please.

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What are the other things to be careful about?

If you decide well enough on the attire, then most of your grooming is done. But negligence on part of some tiny things, leads to minus points.

  1. First is shoes. There’s an old saying that one can decide your character by the way you maintain your shoe. So be careful to wear formal and polished shoes. Don’t opt for sports shoes/slippers and save yourself from embarrassment in the interview room.
  2. Shave good enough to have a fresh look. If you want to keep the stubble, make sure that you trim it well. Go for a haircut, if you think you need one.
  3. Avoid wearing accessories, not even wristbands. You can just wear a watch instead.
  4. Not using perfume also is a safe way because you never know who would be allergic.
  5. Trimming your nails is another part. Don’t neglect this. Interviewers might observe while you shake hands with them.

Well, by following these simple grooming tips, you will at least avoid the chances of not getting selected on the grounds of inappropriate dressing. No matter what, first impression is the best impression and is likely to continue for long.

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