How To Groom Yourself For An Interview For Women


Yes, an interview is certainly not a fashion show where you want to create your own style statement. But then, the way you present yourself before the interviewers does matter. After all, if you look good then you would feel good and will answer any kind of questions you face, in a confident manner. This obviously sends positive vibes to the panel. No wonder that some of the candidates are rejected on the grounds of improper grooming. Especially, when it comes to women, they worry a bit too much on their appearance.

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The following tips would help them to groom themselves well for the interview:

  1. Attire – Prefer suits over anything. Pencil skirts and trousers also do well. When you aren’t comfortable with the western wear, opt for a salwar kameez or a saree with simple designs. Remember to wear a saree only if you know how to carry it around well. Don’t expose your skin too much. Not everyone in this society are open-minded. COLOR – Black always looks professional. However you can go with other neutral colors such as brown, purple etc. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, PRESSED AND CLEAN CLOTHES.
  2. Make up – Keep it simple. A mascara and light foundation would do well. Lipstick should match your skin tone, so avoid dark or radiant colors.
  3. Hair – A hair bun is perfect for any kind of attire you wear. But a small precaution you’d take care of is don’t make it a messy bun. Remember to pin back all your fringes. Because they give you a clumsy look (at least in the interview), avoid the slightest chance of them to fall back on your face.
  4. Shoes – A big no-no to sandals/slippers/sports shoes. Go for the formal black or brown shoes. You can even opt for wedges whose heel isn’t too high.
  5. Others – Nails must be either short or medium but not long. Prefer a light-colored nail paint. Not to mention bad breath. So chew a gum before the interview. And keep in mind that your perfume doesn’t give any strong odor as it might be allergic to one of the panelists. It’s preferable that you better avoid.
    Sometimes even the smallest things count. So don’t take a chance, at least in the interview.

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