Tips For Successful Phone Interview


A phone interview is not as easy as it sounds. It is not like talking to your best buddies. You have to be professional and understand this is going to make one of your initial impressions. You are going get a limited time so you cannot afford to have any confusion or make any silly blunder. Here are some tips to lead an excellent phone interview.

Phone Interview

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Get your phone ready

It does not impress if, in the middle of the phone interview, your phone’s battery goes down, or your phone signals play up. Check the background noise! The interviewer wants to listen to you, not the intervening background sounds. Pick a place where there are minimal sounds. If you get the call when you are middle of something that you can avoid, politely explain it your difficulty to your interviewer and ask for fixing it on some other time if possible.

Research enough

Like any other interviews, you have to prepare yourself to face the questions for your phone interview. If you know enough then naturally you will be more confident. Do your homework on the relevant topics for the phone interview. Keep the needed documents or any details near to you that can use or need for your phone interview.

Be confident!

If you are not confident enough then you won’t be able to give your best in the phone interview. An interviewer wants to know about you, your skills and how useful or efficient you can be for the job. You have the one chance to make an impression. If you keep on doubting about your capabilities and thinking too much about being judged by the interviewer, then you are digging your own grave. Trust me; it’s not going to help you.

Speak up

During a phone interview, the other person is not able to see you. So you will be making your impression only through your voice; you have to speak in a way that the interviewer can understand your point! Don’t go too fast and babble. Speak clear enough in a moderate voice. Don’t rush and be polite. As I said earlier, during a phone interview, the interview cannot see your body or facial gestures. Make sure your words do convey the positivity. Smile and be polite. Let the interviewer know that you are attentive and taking it seriously.

Avoid asking unnecessary questions

Root yourself in the present situation and be relevant. A phone interview is an initial stage of selection so once you make it; you are going to have a lot of time to ask whatever you want. Stick to the important points during the phone interview. Don’t hang up the phone abruptly. Ask about the details you are going to require for the next step. End it with a thank you so that person knows you appreciate his/her time.

Now that you know- BEST OF LUCK!

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