Why Should I Buy Synthetic Urine?


Synthetic urine is usually a water mixture that comprises organic and inorganic components such as uric acid, phosphates, creatinine, chlorides, sulfates, to name a few that are manufactured artificially. It derives its name synthetic urine since it simulates both chemical and physical characteristics of human urine. However, it does not contain waste that is typically found in human urine which is unhygienic or might expose you to infectious diseases. What are the possible uses of synthetic urine? This is a question many people ask themselves, and in this article, you will be taken through four reasons why you should buy synthetic urine.

Synthetic Urine

To Help You Pass a Drug Test

The ability of fake pee to help you pass a drug test is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why you should consider buying it. Therefore, if you often use drugs and are lucky enough to take a test without any supervision, then synthetic urine is an excellent way of passing the drug test.

Moreover, its use is safer compared to taking a friend’s urine sample as you safeguard yourself from any possible impurities plus you can later change the temperature as needed. Consequently, your secret will not be known as it is just about impossible to differentiate between fake pee and real urine, thereby saving yourself lots of trouble.

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Use in Scientific Experiments

Synthetic urine was initially designed to conduct scientific experiments since it is ideal when conducting a broad range of tests by research institutions and scientists. This product was preferred because its use does not expose one to pathogens that are usually found in actual human urine.

Additionally, this urine is also useful in the calibration of lab equipment, and by cleaning agent manufacturers as well as by diaper companies to assess how effective the diapers are.

Beauty and Cosmetology

The use of synthetic urine in the beauty industry is fast gaining momentum as this product is believed to help get rid of acne as well as kill off the harmful germs on your skin. Therefore, if you can stomach the use of fake pee on your face, then look this product is perfect for you. Moreover, with synthetic urine, you do not need to go through the hassle of collecting your urine that might also be contaminated hence leading to more severe health issues.

Used for Games and Fun

Are you looking to prank either your spouse or friends? If so, then synthetic urine is the perfect product for you as you can use it to have your them think they have urinated on themselves while they were asleep. Likewise, you can also use this product with your spouse to play some sexual games instead of real human urine which can result in serious illnesses.

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Animal Repellent

Scientists can make synthetic urine to resemble either human or animal urine. The latter is an excellent animal repellent which you can make use of when gardening your lawn to keep away pests. Moreover, you can also use synthetic animal urine for keeping away predators and hunting.


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