How You Can Use Synthetic Urine to your Benefit?


Since time immemorial, urine has been an essential tool for humanity. Back then, some communities believed in the healing properties of urine, thus applying its use in medicinal and cosmetic purposes such as medication for urchin stings and teeth whitening respectively. This has, however, not been scientifically proven. Currently, urea, a key ingredient in urine, has wide applications in areas such as the manufacturing of fertilizers, mitigating pollutants in diesel engines, and much more.

Synthetic Urine

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In 1828, Friedrick Wöhler toppled the philosophy of vitalism by manufacturing the first batch of synthetic urine. Consequently, Friedrick’s discovery changed the superstitious view of life, dawning a new era to the field of organic chemistry.

In recent years, synthetic urine has tremendously grown in popularity. Some of the ways that you can utilize the product include: 

The ultimate answer to the drug test

You probably live in a country, work in an organization, or study in an institution that has declared war on drug abuse. Consequently, if you anticipate landing a new job or promotion, or even get qualified to pursue studies, you have to be subjected to a mandatory drug test.

When one ingests drugs such as marijuana or alcohol into the body, they form part of the bloodstream. The body gets rid of such products through the kidney, which is passed out in the form of urine. Consequently, to get hold of existing or potential employers, workplaces frequently organize for urinalysis. A process that is run by certified clinics and laboratories to examine the contents of a human urine’s sample.

More often, having traces of alcohol or drugs such as marijuana in your system does mean that you are a quack hence cannot proficiently deliver on your duties at work or pursue other personal interests such as education. Thanks to synthetic urine samples such as quick fix 6.2 that can help individuals with traces of substances in their system out of tight situations that require a pass in drag tests.  

Product quality testing

All products must pass a quality test before they are released into the market for purchase by consumers. Synthetic urine bears the same properties as natural urine; hence, it can be implemented in various industrial quality testing procedures.

For example, if you have discovered a new better type of diapers, artificial urine can be leveraged in ascertaining the quality of your prototype. On a different note, if you have come up with some new cleaning agents, your marketers and salesmen can utilize synthetic urine in proving the detergent’s ability at cleaning stains.

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Scientific experiments

Finally, the scientific world has not been sidelined in the use of artificial urine. If you are a scientist either researching on various diseases or experimenting on different missions to make the world a better place, synthetic pee can be used as an alternative to human pee. The former has a long shelve life compared to authentic pee and hence can be transported and preserved to where you house your research.


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