How to Read Text Messages Without Installing Software on Phone?


Is it possible to get access to someone’s text messages? Yes, it is. At the same token, there is no need to install special spy software or application on their device and you can target any device. This is the smart way of aware of the SMS send, receive on someone else’s mobile, and target him or her actively. The spying alternatives depend on the phone one wants to control. To exemplify, when it comes to spying text messages on iOS devices, then it is very simple and straightforward to keep an eye over their text messages without installing any software.

Read Text Messages Without Installing Software on Phone

For the same, one needs to know the credentials of a person’s Apple ID along with the password. With this information, you can manage all the information stored on the target device and it includes text messages on which you can also spy on. What else? It has immediate synchronization of the device as you will receive the messages at the same time when it comes to the target person’s phone. It is the best way to read text messages from another phone without installing software.

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On the other side, it is tough to spy text messages on an Android phone. It has no such option related to cloud computing and it creates complexity to read text messages, however, there is another alternative way to do so. On the targeted mobile phone, a hidden installation of spyware is a good option and it works well. To do the same, there is no need to touch the target device and just send a link for the installation of the file. Then, the target users tap on the link and do not understand what happened to their device. mSpy is one such software.

The leading parental control application for Android as well as iOS is known as mSpy. Through this application, one can keep an eye over the text messages, present GPS location, call log, Snapchat, WhatsApp and so on. This application is the oldest and the market leader in the field of Android and iOS spying. It was launched in the year 2011 and upgrade time to time as per the requirement. Over one million users are taking advantage of this application across the globe.

This application has several spying features, which include a keylogger, social media, web filtering, geo-location and monitoring chat application and so on. While the number of rivals arises in the past years but with some attractive features and compatibility with Android and iOS device keep it above all other competitors and it is also affordable as it is available at reasonable prices. Here are some of the features of the mSpy application.

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Plus points about mSPy application

It remains over all other applications, as it is undetectable and a list of options available for monitoring the target device with a comfort level. Moreover, it is easy to use and learn. The attractive point is that it is not very costly and its compatibility is amazing. It also supports eight languages and you get a trail version for seven days to know the working and importance of this spying software.


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