How to Create a Disposable Mobile Number for Verification?


Someone on the Internet always wants your phone number. Setting up an account on Facebook without one is problematic, and other online services are constantly asking for a number as well.

In such cases, simply use a disposable, also called temporary or fake, number. With it, you can even receive and display text messages online.

How to Create a Disposable Mobile Number for Verification

How Such a Number Works

Thanks to IP telephony technology, temporary phone numbers are activated in several countries, and they serve as alternatives to mobile analog numbers. They work as real phone numbers that can also receive real text messages.

You can read these text messages online and get one-time access codes for websites or for registering abroad without having a local number.

The fact that virtual numbers are stored in cloud storage allows them to receive any number of text messages. For the numbers to function, only Internet access is needed.

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Not just fake numbers, you can even get your fake ID if you want. There are many best websites for fake id generation available online. You can search in Google and can try any such services with good reviews!

Hottelecom Provider

With this provider, you get a disposable mobile number for verification that you can use to receive confirmation codes for various services.

The provider has a 10-year of experience in the field. For just $1, you can book yourself a private disposable phone number.

It gets deactivated in about half an hour, enough time to receive a necessary SMS. If you need to receive several text messages, try numbers on a monthly rent basis, available from this provider as well. 

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Fake Numbers: What to Avoid

  • With some services, such as WhatsApp, contacts can only be added via a registered mobile phone number. In such cases, it is advisable to use your number. 
  • Use no free public disposable mobile services for important affairs because the text messages you receive via their numbers are read by anyone else on public websites. 
  • User trusted services and not public disposable mobile numbers. They either no longer work or have already been blocked by the provider. 


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