How To Know Who Checked Your Facebook Profile [100% Working]


Halo Amigos !!! Hope you all are doing well. Once again I’m back with one most searched “How to” thing on Facebook. Nowadays we can find every one of our family members, friends and colleagues¬†using the famous social networking site Facebook. Right from a small school kid to a very aged retired old man, everyone is having account on Facebook. Most probably every one of us have checked out our friends Facebook profile once in a while to know what they have posted, whom they have made friends with and for checking out their photos, likes, interests etc.

Sometimes we like to know who has visited our Facebook profile like we did but there is no official method available from Facebook to know about this thing. There are so many tricks available in the web where they use third-party extensions, softwares etc but most of them don’t work and somewhat fake. Here I’m going to tell you the easiest way that too step by step to find out who has visited your Facebook profile without use of any third-party extensions or softwares. Believe me, I checked this simple trick and its 100% working.

Profile visitors

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Follow the following steps to find out who has visited your Facebook profile:

  • First of all, login to your Facebook account and open your Profile.
  • Right click on mouse and select “View page source” as shown in the below image.

profile view source

  • Then press CTRL+F and type “initialchat” and press Enter.

profile initialchat

  • The word will be highlighted as like in the below image and also that you will find some list of Facebook Ids as below.
  • Just copy any Facebook Id from that list (like – 100233445566778) and paste this Id into the URL address bar like ( and press enter.
  • That’s it. You will get your friend’s profile who checked your profile recently. Just by changing the ids from that list, you can find the other friends who viewed your profile.

If you want to see those above steps in action, then watch our youtube video:

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