How To Hack Your Friends Facebook Account – 100% Working


If you are reading this article means, then I bet that you using the famous social networking site FACEBOOK and came here with the thought of knowing the trick to hack your friends Facebook account. First of all, let me tell you one thing clearly. This article is only for developing your knowledge and not for using it illegally on someone.This is a 100% genuine working trick and you can perform this trick only with the ones with whom you spend time mostly. By carrying out this trick, you can get the login details of your victim. In this article, I used Google Chrome Browser for performing this trick. You can also use other browsers like  Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Maxthon etc. The options also vary in the other browsers and so I suggest you to use Google Chrome itself.


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Okay so let me explain you the trick step by step:

  1. Go to Facebook login page and open the console menu by pressing F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I or right click and select Inspect option. And the browser window will look like the below screenshot:hack 1
  2. Now click Network tab in the console window and tick the preserve log check box. And now the browser window will look like the below screenshot:hack 2
  3. Now just pull down the console window as like in the screenshot below. And then ask your friend to use Facebook in that same window.hack 3
  4. After he/she done using Facebook, don’t let him/her close that window. After they leave, now bring back that console window by pulling it back. Then press Ctrl+F and type login in that search box. You will get to the similar as in below screenshot: hack 4
  5. Now click on the login.php which you can see in the above screenshot and then select the header tab. Just scroll down a little, you will find the login details like email, password etc. in that window.hack 5

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That’s it. You hacked your friends Facebook account and got the login credentials. When you are performing this hack trick, please make sure that you don’t sound fishy. Because this will alert your victim and he/she will find out easily what you are up to. So the point is that you should act good enough for such things.

I once again repeat that this trick is only for developing your knowledge and I’m not responsible for any illegal thing if you intend to do any using this hack trick. My advice is that don’t think of any such illegal activities because I bet that you may end up getting arrested because of using hacking in illegal way.

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Thank you for reading our article and if you have any doubts/queries/suggestions, please feel free to comment below. If you find this article useful and knowledgeable, please share it with your circle. You can even contact us privately through the contact form or through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.


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