Is Cloud Storage Really Secure?


Cloud storage is a word that define itself which is storing a swarm of data. Cloud storage gives users freedom of collecting more and more data and providing them on demand. This type of storage maintains an online memory of downloaded or uploaded data by users through their own devices.

Cloud Storage Security

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When a user requests a download then an offer pops up for asking about normal or cloud storage if someone chooses the later then it start storing data with service models on which cloud storage is operating. A service model is a format of system on which any application is running and same is with cloud storage too, few of the service models are SaaS, PaaS, IaaS etc. and commonly known as “aas”. In simple words cloud storage can be understood as, a service provider which works on a shared basis with computer processing for data, information and resources asked by device. These resources are computer network, server storage, application and services.

As cloud storage is worked on shared basis, it will be necessary to talk about its point of security it provides to consumers. For ensuring security measurement of data stored by different users, cloud storage has been working out and built security capabilities like “ENCRYPTION” and “AUTHENTICATION”, which secures the online data and storage from any hacking or cyber-attacks resulting into a good privacy and secured system for storage.

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Cloud storage is mainly of three types:

  1. Private cloud
  2. Public cloud
  3. Hybrid cloud


It can be understood as a source which is provided to users who demand customized and controlled data. It is implemented within the corporate firewall. The main security feature of private cloud is its control over information and data which prohibit any attack of network flaws. This cloud is very useful for companies to establish an IT infrastructure which is need to be available promptly and continuously on requirements. Such clouds are created on special demand of clients and best suited to their need and priorities only.

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Public cloud is a computing model in which resources are available publically to every user. They are coded to provide any storage or access to anyone asking for it and not specially programmed for person particular or some organization. As these services are not made on special requirements it is inexpensive to use and data storage is not wasted as memory space is occupied only for needed information.

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Hybrid clouds are created on mixed resources i.e. Private as well as public. In such kind of hybridization, the server holds a customized source till an extent and rest part is made up for normal public uses. This type of cloud is most popular as it gives a free access up to a certain limit to everyone on internet but also holds a private measure to information and cost on it.

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Areas To Be Secured

A number of systems and networks are coordinating with cloud storage system where users can operate and store their data but such open server environment is difficult to manage as well hence a question of vulnerability comes in mind. To tackle with such insecurities cloud servers have been working time to time. To develop and maintain a healthy and more trusted security system, cloud storage went through a circle where security is needed which are COMPUTER SECURITY, NETWORK SECURITY and INFORMATION SECURITY, which broadly means every computer using cloud storage must be secure and password protected as well as it should be free of viruses as they may cause a damage to information and memory, the same clauses are applicable to cellphone as well as every tech machinery which are accessing data through cloud.

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Next is network solutions, as in milieu of cyber crime and hacking, jamming a network and illicit use of website freedom is very abstract that not only causes damage to information but storage too. Using an information is not confined for use of damage is only the storage are used for ruining privacy, causing piracy, transfer of information and many other crimes too, hence developing a secure cloud comes to be very necessary.

Other one is information security and this is to understand widely. As information are a set of data so generally available in small forms and easy to break. Use of one single data can cause major differences and decoding an information is easier than using a set of information so securing information is a must plus managing data and set of data is more needful and easy as well for locking and securing. Providing security to clouds on a small level is very important and systematic too.

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As cloud storage servers keep on improving its security functions with every public experience and has developed many of file types which can be trusted, such as applying keywords like encryption, attribute and authentication can give user a more secure form of data storage. Constantly applying corrective measures and using controls step by step makes it secure.

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