What Will Happen If Google Shuts Down?


As you all know Google is a very popular search engine which has the highest number of users. Google is the first thing which comes to our mind when we want to find about anything that we don’t know. One cannot think about a world without Google. What will happen if Google shuts down forever??? We can’t even imagine a single day without it. Then how it will be possible for us to live without Google forever.

Google Down

In this article, I’m going to write about various outcomes and issues that will be created if Google shuts down forever.

The following are the issues that will take place when Google shuts down:

  1. First, internet users will check their internet connection and then they even call their ISP to complain about this because most of the internet users use Google search engine for checking their internet connection.
  2. After people realizing that it’s true, it will take some time for them to digest this news. Some may even think that this is a fake news and will hope Google to be back soon.
  3. Some may even think to google/search “what happened to google” in Google itself.
  4. People start to take screenshots of the Google server error page to share it in WhatsApp groups.
  5. Facebook, Twitter and other social medias will be filled with this news.
  6. People will start checking for other search engines. To be noted that some don’t even know that there are other search engines too.
  7. Other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo will start to get huge traffic.
  8. DuckDuckGo search engine will start to trend on twitter because of its good features. This search engine will not track the users.
  9. The share market will face one big recession and will make history.
  10. Microsoft will try to seek this opportunity to fill the place of Google.
  11. Many other internet products which uses Google services in its back end will also be down.
  12. Without Gmail for few minutes, the whole productivity all over the world get affected.
  13. Most of the companies that depends on Google will face huge revenue loss.
  14. All media will run this news as flash for a week.
  15. Social media networks will be filled with many memes on this issue.
  16. Big names of the world will comment on this issue on their twitter accounts.
  17. Millions of discussions in forums, blogs, communities etc.
  18. Youtube will be filled with videos on public opinions about this issue.
  19. The hash tag #Google will make history in trending.
  20. Meanwhile, the internet life at Chine will remain unaffected.

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Because of the above issues, many will be profited and many will be in loss which are as follows:


  1. Any other big company will get an opportunity to take Google’s position.
  2. More and more competition will be created among the companies. Hence, they will introduce us with new features and all.
  3. Many other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc will make a big profit.


  1. Many people will be unemployed.
  2. Shares will fall. Making a lot of loss in market. People may commit suicide.
  3. People will find it difficult to work as Google is a part of our life.
  4. World’s economy will be shattered.

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