How Do Network Cable Testers Work?


Networks have become an ideal part of our life and can be found everywhere. Moreover, wire networks are considered as more robust and faster as compared to the wireless ones. However, there is one issue in wired networks that might create a problem for some people is that they are difficult to troubleshoot when they stop working. At that time, a network cable tester can be extremely useful. It is a simple device that can transmit data in an electronic manner.

Network Cable Testers
Network Cable Testers
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Some of you might be thinking about how do network cable testers work? Although it is a simple equipment that checks cable continuity for making sure that the signal is going through smoothly and cable connectivity issues have been eliminated. Also, don’t forget to check the best network cable tester reviews to select the best one. It is an ideal investment that will prove to be handy for the many years to come.

In this article, we will tell the complete process to operate a network cable tester conveniently. Check out the below steps and follow it for finding the problem with this equipment.

First Step – Connecting the Tester

These devices are available in many different shapes and forms, but the majority of them have two different boxes, which are separate to each other. One of them is a receiver, while another one is a transmitter. You should plug the network cable into both of these ends for starting the testing work. Before proceeding to the test, you should ensure that cables are completely plugged.

Step Two – Start the test

Turn on the network cable tester once you are ready for starting the test. There will be a signal sent by the tester from one end to the other, which is the message that relays throughout the cable. You should make sure that the device remains connected to the cable during the test unless it will not work properly.

Step Three – Check the report displayed by the tester

The device will start examining the message passed from one end to the other to make sure it has been received properly and has no faults. There will be a number of red lights shown on the tester if it isn’t the case and something wrong has been detected by it.

Step Four – Reading issue

You should read the instructions to find out the exact problem in the system. The tester uses lights of different colors for sending a signal to the individual who operates it. You will get complete knowledge about the meaning of different patterns of lights so that the problem in your cable can be addressed. After detecting the problem, don’t forget to remove the cable safely from the box and put it in a safe place.


We believe that you must be aware of the technique for using the network cable testers in an accurate manner. They are an excellent product that can solve lots of problems quickly. However, make sure that you make a smart choice while choosing the best network cable testers.

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