Amazing Selling Machine Using Affiliate & Network Marketing


The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a live event and a program that teaches new entrepreneurs about how to build a real and fast growing business of selling their physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon. Jeff Bezos started Amazon on July 5th, 1994 at Seattle, Washington which is now one of the largest internet retailer in the world if measured by revenue and market capitalization, whereas it comes second in terms of total sales, succeeded by Alibaba Group.

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This ASM program was designed & developed by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback. It costs around $39997 to up-front buyers and 5 payments of $997 to instalment buyers.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is an online program developed by Amazon to teach budding entrepreneurs how to build a business online which sells physical products. The program has a step-by-step procedure. The Amazing Selling Machine provides you with a mentor who guides you through this.

Amazing Selling Machine can be a bit too expensive for you if you don’t have much money to start their business online; although with this program you can start your online business under $10,000 which is not that much because a successful business will return a lot compared to this, also with ASM you can learn business marketing at a higher pace, however, the return may or may not be as per your expectations.

How does Amazing Selling Machine work?

Under ASM you will be allowed to start your business on Amazon and it will teach you how to be a top seller on Amazon. The program will teach you a lot of things like how to choose a product or how to outsource the product from different countries. It will teach you how to create your own listing like the headlines, keywords, product description, and images. It will also teach about the advertisement that is how to advertise your products. The most important thing is that ASM will teach you how to scale back your business. It is one of the major things in Pay per Click (PPC) particularly.

ASM offers you several modules that you will have to follow and also you will be given a set of tasks that you will have to complete to move to the next set. Although at a slow pace, you will see your business growing and when you will launch your business, you will be able to make money out of your business.

The buyer of this program is offered with certain services like-

  • They get 8 weeks of online training.
  • ASM offers them the access to the mentorship program.
  • With this, you get a lifetime membership to the Amazing Selling Machine community and forum.
  • You get an inside look of the private resource vault.
  • You get 8 private group coaching calls.
  • They will offer a target training promotion for your new products.

Amazing Selling Machine Affiliate & Network Marketing

Amazing Selling Machine Affiliate and Market Network Program pays 50 per cent on the sale. In simple words, if you make a sale than you will earn a commission of about 50 per cent. Every time you make a sale, you will earn $1,750 which 50 per cent of $3,497, that is the money that you have paid, you will earn 50 per cent of that. This is just some rough scenario which I have given you but if you want to know more about this program, check out Journal Review on this program.

Pros and Cons of Amazing Selling Machine


  • It teaches you to open your own store online with Amazon which gives you an opportunity to build your own business.
  • You have a plus point with an online business as nowadays people are going for online shopping more than the real shopping.
  • If you don’t find it useful then it offers you 30 days money back guarantee.


  • The membership of ASM is very expensive.
  • It has too much risk and also the returns are not guaranteed.

Amazing Selling Machine is undoubtedly very expensive program and there are other alternatives available in the market that will give you a better opportunity than this. But since it is driven by Amazon, one of the successful business company, it is worth trying out this program.

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