4 Best Video Recorder Applications for Android & iPhone


What is an application that can be used to record video like a professional filmmaker? Here we take a look at the best video recorder app available for Android and iPhone.

Best Video Recorder

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Years ago maybe no one can imagine if we can now record video and make movies on mobile phones. Not only video recording but also can make movies with top notch quality. Nowadays there are many sites with different video format here are some best alternative sites like Primewire. So if you need to change this extension try out these methods.

In the smartphone app exchanges, such as the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone, there are already plenty of camera apps available. Includes those specific to videos, as well as ones for photography. Well, let’s see.

FilMic Pro (Android / iOS)

FilMic Pro is the most recommended application for video on mobile. This app has been around for quite a while. In 2012, FilMic Pro used on the iPhone 4S can beat the Sony FS100 camera and draw with the Canon C300 in Zacuto Shoot Out. Hollywood director who makes movies with mobile phones also use this application.

FilMic Pro has various video camera controls and settings (including saving your settings). This application also has an audio monitor function, record records, and on some mobile phones can prepare a video for color grading. In addition, this application also supports other devices, such as additional lenses.

FilMic Pro is a commercial application priced around Rp200,000. Maybe the price is quite expensive. But the quality is worth it.

Download (Android)

Download (iOS)

ProCam (iOS)

ProCam is the most popular DSLR-class photography app for iPhone. But this app also has amazing settings and control functions for recording video. You can still use manual controls including lighting, white balance, manual focus, etc.

ProCam also offers a wide selection of frame rates, including for slo-mo. Resolution is also a flexible option here. Then this app also has a stabilizer, an audio monitor, and storage indicators.

ProCam applications can be found at Rp89.000. Quite reasonable considering its many and powerful functions.

Download (iOS)

Cinema FV-5 (Android)

Cinema FV-5 is a video camera application from the popular Camera FV-5 application developer on Android. Like the photography version, this app offers many manual settings. Not inferior to other video recorder apps.

In the Cinema FV-5 app, you can find lighting settings, ISO, white balance, zoom and manual focus (including when recording video), choosing codecs, etc. You can also see histogram guides and audio monitors.

The most interesting is the price of Cinema FV-5 application is very affordable. Only $60. Very profitable, even if you just want to learn to make movies.

Download (Android)

MAVIS Pro Camera (iOS)

MAVIS Pro Camera is a video recorder app for iPhone that is not less great with FilMic Pro. This app offers many useful features in video production.

Some of them are: Better focus ( focus peaking ), light and color monitor ( zebra and false color ), view optimal dynamic range ( waveform monitor ), timecode, full-screen display and DoP, etc. MAVIS also has integration with other accessories. For example a microphone and an external lens.

The most fun of this application is you can download and use it for free. Of course, there are in-app purchases (IAP) for certain features.

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