Common Problems With Medical Lasers And Why You Should Maintain Them


Malfunctions and breakdowns happen to almost all medical, in most cases due to poor maintenance. Medical lasers are classified under precision equipment and they need routine checks to ensure all parts work efficiently for optimal performance.

Whether you own a home medical laser or offer the service, it is important to understand different possible problems and how to maintain them.

Common Problems With Medical Lasers And Why You Should Maintain Them

Here are some of the problems that might affect the proper functioning of a medical laser.

Coding Error

A medical laser is computerized, meaning they are software-based. Proper coding is dire to the running of such equipment.

Codes are used to regulate the amount of light produced and the accuracy of the laser. The codes need to be regularly updated, lack of these updates may lead to unwanted mishaps.

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Power Failure

A laser machine requires a high voltage for operations. The strength of your laser is greatly affected by the amount of power supplied to the machine.

The intensity of the laser beam might be weakened with low power supply, this can adversely affect the medical procedure that is to be conducted.

Cooling Systems Malfunctions

The laser machine comes fitted with water and air systems that play a part in ensuring the equipment is kept cool and in proper condition.

Due to lack of maintenance and mishandling the cooling system might malfunction and cause the entire apparatus to overheat leading to damage.

Laser Malfunctions

Just like any hardware in constant use, laser malfunctions are common. The lenses, laser guides, and flash lamps if not checked routinely might fail or suffer breakage.

The more you use the machine the more you need to check and replace these components.

Recalibration Errors

Due to how sensitive a medical laser is, it needs to be constantly recalibrated to maintain its precision. Recalibration errors no matter how small they might be can cause a fatal result on a patient.

Tests and recalibration should be conducted routinely to check if the machine is running smoothly.

Poor Machine-Operator Interaction

The user of the machine needs to properly understand how to operate it and what to do if something goes wrong.

As much as the machine might malfunction due to a lack of routine checks, the ignorance and mishandling of the machine by the user plays a big part in the longevity of the machine.

The operator needs to know if the machine is not properly functioning to avoid putting the life of the patient as much theirs at risk.

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The above list shows a few common problems that might affect the functioning of a medical laser but there are quite a several things that can go wrong.

The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is proper maintenance. Maintaining your medical lasers should always be paramount.

Due to the sensitive nature of such a machine, constant checks and tests should be the order of the day. Software updates, system alignment, recalibrations, and replacement of worn-out hardware are always to be conducted.

You should remember maintenance is inexpensive when compared to acquiring a brand new machine and the risk of fatalities.


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