Best CyberSecurity Certifications That Adds Value To Your Career Growth


Every student wants his or her CV to be filled with various experiences and certificates. There are many online courses being offered online on platforms such as edX, Udemy and Khan Academy. These extra courses offer an increase in the value of your growth in a career or a better chance to be selected for an internship or job. There are various cyber security certification courses which are needed in the market.

Some of the Cyber Security Certification Courses are Certified Network Defender course, Ethical Hacking, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, Certified Information Auditor etc..  Below we have covered up some of the Cyber Security Courses that employers out there are looking for.

1). Certified Ethical Hacker Training Course

This course trains you to learn the methods that hackers especially use including write the virus codes and do reverse engineering which protects the corporate infrastructure from any data breaches. This course helps you analyse the network packet and penetrate into any advanced systems. Through the course of ethical hacking, you increase your knowledge about the world of network and web.

You learn how to hack a mobile application or even prepare yourself to identify any kind of threat and vulnerable malware. Through Ethical hacking course, you learn the nuances of the countermeasures, trojans, malware, wireless hacking, and honeypots. One will also get access to explore the advanced concepts of securing the IIS, web servers and Windows system administration and getting into hacking the databases of SQL and Oracle. There are so many good companies out in the market who are good enough to train anyone in the field of Cyber Security. One such company is Alpine Security who can train and get you certified in Cyber Security field.

2). Certified Information Systems Security Professional Course

This course trains you to become professional to the core in the assurance of information. Your responsibility will be to assure the different aspects of IT security which will include architecture, designing, management and controlling. Today markets require professionals who have a CISSP certified course.

With the rise in organizations and companies, business people are investing heavily in their IT Security. With this course, you will be able to manage technical security issues and have the knowledge of the security area from accessing different control to the development of various software.

3). Certified Network Defender Course

This very course is going to be very beneficial for the upcoming years. A recent study says by the year of 2020 there will be a shortage of around 1.5 million Cyber Security Professionals around the world.

This course is going to primarily focus on the network security training which will cover the protection and skills to identify any approach to the network security. Your responsibility will be to analyse the traffic on the network and land speculate any risk.

4). Certified Cloud Security Training

With the widespread network and web threats are increasing day by day. Hackers are there who will want to hamper and get data from your personal data or hack and gain the database of your company which might be confidential. Through this course, you will have the knowledge of the cloud security and will be able to establish your career into various cloud programs.

5). Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control Course

Through this course, you will be able to work for the enterprises. Your responsibility will include monitoring and maintaining the IS controls. This certification course is required by professionals in the IT Department of the Security Domains.

With this training the learner when becomes professional will demonstrate implementation and controlling the IS.

6). Certified Information Security Manager Training

This course is the training for professionals who can manage, create designs, and assess the security system of the company. This course will align you closely with the advanced ISACA practices which will help you innovate the security architecture.

With this course, you will be designing the management of your security practices, which will be helpful for your career growth.

7). Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies

This course will help you understand, manage and govern the environment of IT enterprise. This course will provide you with all the business perspective and increase your role and value in the IT sector. It will shape your career and you will be positioned as an auditor or a qualified professional. This course has been identified by various reputed companies and even the Reserve Bank of India and Security Exchange Board of India.


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