The Best Way To Answer Why Should I Hire You


Of course, this will be the basic question in every interview you attend. Certainly, all the candidates who appear for the interview would be having the same qualifications as you do. So, directly or indirectly, the interviewer would be willing to know why should they hire you in the first place. And also they wanted to be informed about your qualities or skills which makes you stand apart from the rest of the candidates. Trust me, answering them in a satisfiable way is your success mantra. Henceforth, don’t under-estimate this question and prepare before handed.

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Before attending the interview, look at the job requirements specified by the company. At times, they might not enclose it. In these kind of situations, check out the company’s prospectus. If possible go through their annual report. This information helps you to understand the nature of your job and the company’s expectations.


Once you get to know the job requirements, list out your strengths. Compare them with the company’s prerequisites. Now, jot down those skills which you think are noteworthy and increases your job prospects. Highlight those in the interview.


Talk about the challenges you faced in your job earlier. Instead of talking about so many, stick to only one obstacle. Explain what’s the problem, the threats and stress involved, and how you overcame that. Quote those appreciations you have received from your higher authority. If you are a fresh graduate, then speak about the responsibilities you undertook while you were in school or college, how you managed to be a part of student council or any such team activities and any awards you have received.

The foremost aspect of this entire process is you must prepare before handedly. Don’t think that you can do it directly in front of the interviewer. So, make up your mind and prepare well. Try not to exceed 2 minutes while you answer in the interview. You should be confident enough to make believe the interviewer that you are capable to perform the job. Sometimes, the company won’t ask directly why should they hire you. Then you have to search for the opportunity to say why are you unique amongst others. Simply, the above said should be discussed when they ask you to introduce yourself or your strengths in particular.
I’m sure that these simple steps will help you to secure the job. All the best!!!

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