Things To Never Say In An Interview


In a job interview, one needs to show his credentials which should be far better than anyone else’s but amidst all these, there are certain limitations which one should take care of and never let their tongue lose to say any peripheral thing. So, here is something which an employee must not say:

Things To Never Say In An Interview

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1) I am interested in something else. Any employer wants an employee who works with dedication as well as comfort. So, saying any such thing can directly cost you your job opportunity itself.

2) I wanted to work in that company. Never ever say this. Any company wants to be the best in the world.They can not hear you praising some another company of the same field. So, shut your mouth up whenever your mind thinks such shit in an interview.

3) I don’t have so much experience but I will learn. The company wants to get the master of the area in which it is providing the job. So, whenever they ask you have to say “Yes sir, I have been working on it“.

4) I am thinking of my own startup. If you say this, they are gonna think that you will not give your full productivity for their company and that you will not be liable to the company and they are gonna reject you as soon as they hear this.

5) I didn’t like my previous boss/My boss at that other company didn’t like me. Ho Boy!!!Every boss wants their work done whether this builds a healthy relationship with his employees or not. In a nutshell, every boss has got to have the same mindset. So, you better not say any disrespectful sentence for any of your bosses.

6) Promotion/Uniform/Salary – When will I get promoted first? Do I have to wear this uniform every day? I did get more salary there. Can’t you give me some more? These are the lines which are strictly banned in interviews(only me and you know it). So, don’t ask these sillies.

7) I haven’t done any research about your company. As soon as they hear this, you are out of their consideration. You are bound to say more and more and fascinating about their company.

8) I am a perfectionist/I am very talkative. They don’t want to hear you screaming about your overconfidence. Nor do they want to hear any of your wink links. So, keep it simple. Keep it straight and get the job.

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