Top 5 Android Apps For Women Safety


Nowadays, Women safety has become a prime topic and to ensure that every woman feels safe, technology has developed some apps which are helpful for women and they are as follows:

Women Safety Apps


The app has been launched by (v) channel gumrah. You just need to press power button two times to activate this app. It will then send an alert message to the contacts you have fed into the app. For every two minutes, it sends an alert message that “I am in danger… “ if you are really in some trouble. It also helps in tracking the location. This emergency app can help each and every woman and can assure women safety.


The app is named after Delhi gang rape girl Nirbhaya. It allows users to send an alert message in form of SOS message, Facebook post or a phone call to the pre added contacts. It sends the message in every two hours and after 300 meter change in the position. This app can be downloaded free. Nirbhaya app is designed in a full efficient manner for women safety.

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This app including all major functions like sending alert messages, tracking locations etc. have one unique feature which helps to see the safety zones where we are living. We can see the map of our city and can recognize which place is safe for us to visit. This app has been designed, keeping in mind personal safety and has proven as a beneficial app for women safety.


It has proven to be one of the easiest and useful app. You just need to shake your phone or press your power button 4 times to send the SOS message or alert calls. You can activate or deactivate the feature of shaking the mobile phone. It can be used without internet as well. The USP of this app is that it can also click picture when activated and can work with locked screen. This app is recommended for women safety.

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5) SMART 24X7

By pressing the panic button of the app it will automatically record voices and take photographs which will transfer to police. The unique feature of this app is that it can also connect the nearby fire, ambulance, police available. User’s pre added contacts will be able to track location. It also has a customer care center which is 24X7 available.

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