Things To Consider Before Buying Your DSLR Camera


Around 10 years ago, DSLR’s were used by common people only in weddings or on special occasions such as house-warming, anniversaries, first birthdays. It is now in this decade that DSLR’s are required for almost each and every occasion, like be a friend’s normal outing, college days, family trips and many more.

DSLR Camera

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It’s a fad nowadays for the urge to own a DSLR camera. Facebook and Instagram pictures have lusted the people, mostly teenagers to get the Digital-SLR, Single-Lens Reflex camera, shortly termed as DSLR, which gives viewers a look through the lens of what exactly the final image will look like. This has also inculcated the love and passion for various type of photography among a number of people of different age groups. Every common man, pursuing his passion for clicks, feels the need to buy a DSLR for himself, which he can carry almost anywhere and everywhere. But then, there lies a heap of questions on which is the appropriate DSLR to be purchased for one’s need? The answers to some of the very common confusions while getting a brand new DSLR are discussed in this article. Keep into consideration these following 4 things before emptying your wallet for this purchase.

1. Cost

Before actually buying the DSLR, you need to figure out for what purpose you will be using this camera, whether you will be shooting for weddings? Nature photography, Fashion photography or just at random, likewise the budget of the DSLR will be decided. The prices range from a normal hobbyist DSLRs to a professional DSLRs. Bearing this budget in mind, you also need to consider the cost required for the things mentioned below:

  • Lenses: Available as prime and zoom lenses. You may choose as per your requirement.
  • Batteries: It’s always safe to carry a spare battery.
  • Memory Cards: Upgradation of the memory card is must, as the storage by one card won’t be sufficient.
  • Camera Bag: A Durable Waterproof Camera Bag is recommended to ensure your DSLRs safety.


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2. Size and Look

DSLRs come in varied sizes, again depending on the purpose for which you use. They are also available in fancy looks with intricate body designs and much more functionality than a normal DSLR. But a wise suggestion would be to chose a handy normal looking DSLR, having functionalities quite enough to fulfill its need to capture pictures with adjustable lights, rather than carrying a bulky DSLR which will be tedious for you to take care of, being a new user. Once you are familiar with the camera, you can opt for the fancy one. Moreover, the cost also increases with the size and look of the camera.


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3. Resolution

Not only of the DSLR, but the mega pixels even of a smartphone’s camera, play an important role while purchasing a new one of the either. If you are using it to picture at personal level, the resolution or the mega pixels of the sensor isn’t crucial. But if you are aiming to print an enlarged copy, say for example, a landscape, or use it for professional purpose, larger megapixel is always good, you will be needing a high-resolution sensor. In short according to your use, and resolution of the DSLRs can be decided.

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4. Other Features

DSLRs also have the functionality to manually adjust other elements like shutter speed, aperture, light exposure unlike other digital cameras which automatically adjust these things. In contribution to this, you may also find some other factors like:

  • Burst Mode: Allows you to click a pool of images just by holding down the shutter release. Appropriate for clicking pictures in motion.
  • Maximum Shutter Speed: High shutter speed DSLRs are used for action photography.
  • ISO Ratings: A good range of ISO settings is useful in low light photography.
  • LCD Size: Doesn’t affect the way you click your shots, just views your image on the LCD screen.
  • Anti Shake: Used for stabilization while clicking pictures, so that there is a less need of a tripod.
  • Semi-Auto Modes: Basically there are three shooting modes available namely portrait, sports and night. DSLR allows you to choose one of these if need to be.
  • Flash: Entry level DSLRs have a built-in flash.

DSLR Handy

Some of the popular DSLRs that you can buy are

  • Canon EOS 400D(Digital Rebel XTi)
  • Canon EOS 30D
  • Canon EOS 5D
  • Nikon D200
  • Nikon D70s

So, to put it in a nutshell, pen down your purpose and requirements for the DSLR, decide the budget, do a little research on the best DSLR suitable for you and go shopping for your Brand New DSLR.

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