Not Everything that Shines is Gold! It Can Be a Diamond Too!


Hello and congratulations on your first anniversary! Now, that you have spent one happy year with your wife, it’s time to make her feel special. But, instead of picking the traditional clichéd gold, why not surprise her with a diamond locket?

Diamond Locket

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After all, no women can resist diamonds! Additionally, a diamond pendant is classic, simple and romantic in nature and can double up as the perfect anniversary present.

So, if you’re a first-time shopper, here is a list of designs and patterns you can pick to impress your wife –

Types of diamond pendants to pick for your anniversary –

1). Leaf-Shaped Pendants

Leaf-shaped lockets generally signify growth, prosperity, and fertility. So, to celebrate your growth together as man & wife, a significant leaf-shaped diamond locket can be the perfect first-anniversary present.

You can try selecting a gold plated diamond pendant along with a bouquet of roses & orchids to make the event more special and quixotic!

2). Pave or Four Leafed Clover Pendants

The pave pendants take the shape of a flower or double up as a four-leaf clover pendant. Opt for buying the four-leaf clover pendant if you can. Signifying the multi-purpose charm of bringing good fortune; gifting your wife a four-leaf clover means you wish to spend more happy joyful years with her.

3). Halo Pendants!

Often shaped like a pear, this tear shaped pendant places a tiny diamond or pearl inside and borders it with a halo of precious stones or smaller diamonds.

Halo is used to signify an auspicious event or occasion, so a halo diamond locket will be subtle, simple and an intricate choice for a 1st-anniversary present.

What’s more? Your wife can use this pendant in any of your office parties or outings with a simple black dress or a traditional kurti to look pristine & glamorous.

4). Diamond Accented Pendants!

If your wife is fond of traditional Indian jewellery, then you can go for a gold & white diamond chipped locket. These golden hued lockets offer a dash of shine and authenticity, which can add volume to her traditional wear, and make her stand-out amongst a crowd.

5). Heart Shaped Pendants!

A heart shaped pendant may be stereotypical, but sometimes your sweet-natured wife, will like nothing more. So, show your wife her worth by being a chivalrous gentleman and plan a traditional date.

At the end, gift her heart shaped locket and let her feel cherished and loved.

You can also, pick a pendant or necklace set for your chrysophilite wife, and celebrate a grand end to your 1st anniversary.

Now, to select your diamond locket online, here is a tip to pick the best deal!

Tip – Where to buy a diamond pendant?

If you’re looking to buy an authentic diamond set, as yourself the question of where to buy your pendant from?  Pick a certified site and a renowned brand to avoid being fooled. Opt for purchasing diamonds which come with a GIA & AGS certification as these reliable grading units.

Next, after that, sort your budget and pick the colour, cut, shape & other preferences and order according to your preference.

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