All You Need To Know About Diamond Chip Technology


We all are familiar with different kinds of electronic chips. Chip is the micro electronic device inserted in computer and many devices which help to operate different kind of functional of a system. Earlier, we use ‘Silicon’ to manufacture electronic chips. But as the time passed, we noticed many disadvantages of using silicon chip like slow operating speed, bulk in size, less resistant to high voltage etc. Considering the problems revolution in chip took place.

Diamond Chip Technology

Revolution Which Changed Stone To Diamond

Carbon, Germanium, Silicon all belong to the same group in the periodic table. Hence, all of them have four valence electrons in their outer shells. Rather than using silicon, they start using germanium as both of them are very good semiconductors. But later on germanium also showed many disadvantages like temperature irregularities, large reverse current etc. So, the researchers found that carbon has more benefits as compared to both silicon and germanium. Now let’s broadly talk about diamond chips.

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Diamond Chips

In clear words, Diamond Chips are manufactured Diamond structural Carbon wafer. Diamond chip are also called carbon chip. Major component in these Diamond Chip are carbon nanotube which were discovered in 1991. Although structure of carbon is non-conducting in nature. So we have to perform the doping method to fulfill our requirement. We use nitrogen as the n-type doping agent and boron as p-type doping agent. They are made of several concentric walls arranged in hexagonal pattern. However, as compared to that of silicon as it is very tough to diffuse due to strong attraction of diamond atoms. It is assumed that diamond chip can transit power at rate of 100GHz.

Uses And Advantages Of Diamond Chip

  • Diamond chip can work under high voltage atmosphere as it has larger power handling capacity.
  • As carbon is smaller in size it is possible to make as small component as possible.
  • It can withstand higher temperature due to its strong bond attraction.
  • With the help of diamond chip device don’t get heated up as it is very good conductor of heat. So there would be heat dissipation inside the chip.
  • Mobility of electrons inside the diamond chip is much faster than as compared to silica. This is the reason diamond or carbon chip work faster than silicon.

These chip have limitations as doping process is difficult and are expensive too. But, surely diamond chip have totally replaced the need of silicon chip in every aspect.

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