What Is The Technology Behind Prisma App [Revealed]


Everyone would die to have their portrait as an art piece. Many are spending millions to create a masterpiece. Now it had become simple and cheap. This app, ‘Prisma’, which went viral, took the photoholics to different era. Having released in July by a Russian startup with the same name, Prisma, the photo editing app has attracted more than a score millions worldwide.

Prisma Before After

For those who are looking for art in every photo, ‘Prisma’ comes in handy. Though there are dozens of photo editing app with all cool features this one stands out with its blend of technology and tradition.

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What Does It Do?

This new age app adds an artistic touch to your photos. Simply stating it’s like Picasso drawing your own photos. Yes, the magic brush of famous artists will glow in your photos. There are more than 30 filters which Prisma offers for free. The filters vary from Caribbean to scream, Heisenberg and more.

Secret Technology

Blending two photos is what ‘Prisma’ actually does. In detail, the picture you select or take through the Prisma app is then compared or related with the numerous styles based on the selected filter and the alteration is done without affecting the original picture.

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This process is technically known as convolutional neural networks search. The app’s algorithm, which depends heavily on Artificial Intelligence, goes through the tons of artistic styles and selects the particular one with the original photo as a reference. Thus the resultant image which you get is the blend of the two images, with your original photo retained at a maximum intensity.

Also the picture which you alter gets stored in the Prisma database only for small period that too in encrypted form. This gives the users the freedom to use any picture with privacy.

Different From Peers?

Speaking of technology, every photo editing app has its own special program. What makes Prisma so good is the learning and application of the filters which it makes.

Unlike other apps, Prisma inspects the original image as several layers and the effect is applied to each layer separately. But in other photo editing apps the filter is applied as a coating to the original image, which in a way is artificial. Prisma is like pioneer to those photo editors. The improved GPU’s, which is used to create the most basic structure of the app, increases the standard of photos in mobile phones.

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What’s Next?

The next level of photo, a still image, is a motion picture. And Prisma is getting its foot steadily on the evolution pad. Soon you will be able to convert your videos into a live art, just like the images in Harry potter movies, along with the Prisma’s artistic styles.

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