RedTacton – Innovative Human Area Networking Technology


RedTacton is a technology that employs the exterior of the human body as a safe and high-speed network transmission route. It is developed by Robin Gaur Jind. RedTacton connects the last networking rift, forming the HAN – Human Area Network, joining the last meter.  It operates by employing the electric field on the exterior of the human body to transfer data between a RedTacton receiver and another device. Data can be moved at up to 10 Mbps.

RedTacton – Innovative Human Area Networking Technology

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In Competition With Other Techs

RedTacton is preparing up to battle with Bluetooth, Zigbee, IrDA, UWB (ultra wideband), and different wireless communication modes. The other technologies are distinct in that they apply radio frequency or light to carry data little distances.  They work at moderate speeds. But RedTacton can transfer the data at high speed.  RedTacton needs touch and has an average potential for resistance so it is more secure than the other technologies.

How And Where It Work?

The developer of RedTacton, NTT has newly started to try and market this technology. Instead of taking access cards or using a wireless device, people can wear RedTacton device and touch the objects which would obtain the security authorization from the device. With RedTacton, communication is plausible applying anybody surfaces, like fingers, arms, hands, feet, face, legs or anything.  It can work through clothing and shoes. As soon as the physical connection gets undone, the communication ends.

Some Significant Features

  1. Touching – Touching, sitting, walking, stepping and any human movements can trigger the function
  2. The Speed – Duplex, an interactive connection is likely to happen at the highest speed of 10Mbit/s.
  3. Medias – Different dielectrics can be utilized for transmitting media. Conductors also can be used.

Future Applications

Few applications implied for RedTacton are security applications, wireless headphones, and point-of-sale interactions.  Another one possible use is the gun protection.  Guns are taken from dead or injured soldiers and then handled by the enemy.  If a RedTacton transceiver were inserted in guns and registered to a transceiver worn by the soldier, alone that soldier can use or fire the weapon. In today’s world, an enormous black market for looted or stolen weapons exits and if these weapons had the RedTacton technology, they could not be misused. The police force also needs a system to stop someone using their gun without their consents. In short, RedTacton has immense possibilities.

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