Hyperloop – The Future Of Transportation Technologies


The world is changing very quickly. The transportation system enables you to connect with the different parts of the city, nation or across the different countries. These all are the changes that are happening because of the technology advancements. We are very sure that till date you might have known about the magnetic levitation train which is very fast. In this article, we are going to discuss about the concept of Hyperloop which is so faster than any other thing. Let’s grab some detailed information regarding Hyperloop.

Hyperloop Technology

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What Is Hyperloop?

The Hyperloop is the transportation system for the goods and passengers that will load in the tubes with the very high-speed. It means that you will be reaching to your destination within some seconds. If you want to be more precise about the pace of the Hyperloop then consider this example. The distance between San Francisco to Los Angeles will be covered in the time span of 30 minutes. The actual time required for the drive is 5 hours while that of plane is one hour. This clearly makes you to understand the speed of the Hyperloop.

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How Does It Works?

The working principle of Hyperloop is based on the concept of tubes. We know that the resistance of the tube decreases when the air is passed through it. This will result into the increase in the speed. The network designed for this will be tube like in structure. They are going to implement the vacuum tubes. The friction and the resistance of the air is important for the designing the train. It requires the pressure of 100 Pascal. The initial prototype was made for the implementation of all these required parameters.

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Who Brings This?

It is an inevitable question that who brings this? The answer is Elon Musk. Elon Musk brought this concept into the reality. We already know about the victories that he had created. If this concept gets successful, then the evolutionary changes will surely bring about a change in transportation technologies. The belief of Musk is that it will work well in the Mars planet because of its low resistance of air.

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More About Hyperloop

The engineers from the SpaceX are working on this. The name Hyperloop was given because the working concept will be in loops with the super-fast speed. If this technology gets implemented, then the cost of transportation will definitely be high. In the upcoming days, it might be applied in the space technologies as well.

We hope that you will love this Hyperloop technology. May this Hyperloop will change our lives in a positive way.

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