Why an Ergonomic Mouse is Much Better than a Regular Mouse?


Since the computer mouse was first invented by Douglas Engelbert back in 1964, it has been duplicated in a great many styles. Today, the computer mouse comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of these is the ergonomic mouse. In order to select the best ergonomic mouse for your use, you should first know what you stand to benefit from its usage.

Ergonomic Mouse

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What is an Ergonomic Mouse?

The flat design of the traditional computer mouse has always been in use, helping the user maintain a firm horizontal grip on the mouse. However, with the palm facing down as you make use of the mouse, the position of your forearm puts you at risk of injuries. The radius and ulna bones of the forearm cross themselves, activating more forearm muscles and leading to muscle strain and fatigue.

The ergonomic mouse comes with a revolutionary design. Rather than the flat surface of the traditional mouse, its design encourages users to position their arms vertically. This keeps the arm in its most comfortable position and limits the risk of such injuries as the carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Unlike the regular mouse, the ergonomic mouse is not sold strictly for its functionality. It comes in a variety of sizes, taking into consideration the different hand sizes, in order to improve your comfort while using them. Even if you are left handed, you will find mice specifically designed for your use.

Benefits of the Ergonomic Mouse over Regular Mouse Designs

There are many benefits to be had from making the switch to an ergonomic mouse. Some of these include:

  • Grip: Enjoy a more natural grip that comes from using a mouse that is the right size for your hand, in the right shape.
  • Comfort: With the size and shape of the mouse providing more support for your hand, mouse usage is a lot more comfortable.
  • Longer usage: With your hand in a more natural position, you do not have to worry about how long you will be on the computer.
  • Reduced strain: The vertical position of your forearm reduces the risk of developing aches, pain, or even repetitive strain injury in your forearm.
  • Reduce pins and needles: A condition generally associated with pressure on the blood vessels that supply nerves, or on the nerves themselves, pins and needles is often felt when using the traditional mouse. The use of ergonomic mouse limits its appearance.

The ergonomic mouse has mostly been designed to limit the injury risk associated with traditional mouse usage. Although it is a tad more expensive than a regular mouse, it is a switch you should consider if you are a heavy user of this computer appliance. Take your time to select from the many different types of ergonomic mouse available on sale in order to identify the one most suitable for your needs.

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