Why You Should Learn PHP as Compared to Python?


There are numerous programming languages in the world. Each language is dedicated to performing certain operations in particular ways and all have some perks over others. In such a situation, it is hard to find the best platform to begin with. The most asked doubt is regarding Python and PHP.

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Recently, application development has revolutionized due to RESTful APIs and third-party libraries. As a result, live deployments of projects can be done. However, the primary question remains the same, Python vs PHP, which is better?

The budget and development of a project are mostly affected by the choice of programming language includes. But, selection of a language is highly important for web development beginners. Since Python and PHP are amongst leading languages, a significant light on the subjects are required.

If you talk to a Python developer, you will gain the insights regarding special features of the language. While PHP developers find that there is nothing like PHP. Both of these possess very different set skills and requirements. So, to gain insights into the languages, let’s look at the most critical parameters- popularity factor, frameworks, and leading curve.

Popularity Factor

Both the development languages have the individual benefits that make them powerful tools for projects. PHP and Python are popular in their own ways. Clients and project managers consider them as a vital tool in a project even when these are not required.

When it comes to PHP, most of the dominating websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Tumblr, and Flickr have used it. Even a giant like Facebook has been supported by PHP framework initially. PHP is a significant platform used by the Facebook developers that helps them to build apps for the social media giant. Moreover, it has over 80% market share through which it is empowering the internet.

The popularity of the Python language has started with Google. Google incorporated Python for some of its vital projects. The powerful features of the language prevailed other big names in the industry such as Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Gradually, Python has taken the niche.

As a result, both Python and PHP are equally popular and widely used by well-known platforms. Even new projects are highlighting the use of these languages.


A framework is another important aspect of a web development language. A dedicated framework consists of compiled code contributed by that community. It removes the complexity and burden of designing a code from the scratch. Instead, frameworks maintain hundreds of functions that can be called to perform or inject particular operation.

Both PHP and Python have their own frameworks to help in constructing applications without reinventing new policies. Python has two popular frameworks namely Django and Flask. Currently, frameworks associated with Python is limited. But as the use of the language is increasing, the number of frameworks are slowly enhancing too.

PHP, on the other hand, exhibits an extensive collection of frameworks. The most popular ones are Laravel and Symfony, that are used by developers to power applications for the world-wide users. The powerful community is the major contributor behind the successful and mature frameworks of PHP. Briefly, PHP frameworks are imperative to come up with purposeful and industry-oriented applications.

Learning Curve

More than anything, the ease of understanding and applying a language in building applications is the central focus. The learning curve of a language defines the syntax and tools of a particular programming language. While the knowledge of syntax helps in becoming fluent, tools are effective to recover the functional code from designs.

Here, Python is readable and simple for a rookie. However, PHP is a strong language which can be a little tough for the beginners. It maintains strict rules and there is a little space for mistakes. Python is an engaging and tolerant language for novices. Python is best to learn the fundamentals concept of programming. Nevertheless, PHP is simple, effective, and strong for long-term learning. The community and people are making great efforts to make it flexible for the beginners. Also, there are platforms like online tutorials that are made to easily understand PHP.

Python vs PHP is not a conflict but a situation that can have a different outcome for each individual. Learning Python is much more simple than PHP but PHP has expanded and emerging features, which you can count on while making robust applications. At last, it is important to understand what kind your industry one is targeting as a developer. That will provide the effective answer on which language path to consider.

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