5 of the Best Ways to Improve Education System


Education is not a restricted process. It does not start on the first day of Kindergarten and end on graduation day. But regrettably, our present education system focuses on an aim being accomplished. We got Independence from Britishers years back. But surprisingly, we do not get Independence to express our thoughts and freedom of application of ideas! We restrict ourselves to implement with new ideas as we are following the same shit from years now. So, what is wrong with the education system? Can we opt for a better system today?

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Computer Core in Curriculum

Computer education in schools is a must. It plays an important role in a student’s career development. To learn new skills in advanced form, students should learn the computer with the internet. It will help students to explore inventiveness and imagination. It also helps to understand technologies in different aspects. Students are future leaders of any nation. For our future doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, journalists, freelancers; it is very important to pursue a good computer skill. In every facet of their career, they need to access computer in a great way, so that they will be able to gather the vast knowledge of information. So, for the education development, it is really important to make the computer as the core in the curriculum in every school.

Promotion of Extracurricular & Co-curricular Activities

Education is a pretty broad concept and it does not get suppressed within the four walls! The main motto of education is to cultivate a child and to make him/ her all-rounder. Extracurricular & co-curricular activities are those which are undertaken side by side. Education provides the student an opportunity to develop particular skills. Marketing, leadership, teamwork and creative skills are few skills that the job sectors today demand from a candidate. To a great extent, extracurricular & co-curricular activities develop an intellectual development of a personality. It renders a number of values are achieved in a proper time.

Career & Mental Health Counselor

In the current scenario, students are forced to attain good scores in exams. They are not been able to speak out of their lungs whether they are feeling pressurized or not. But due to enormous pressure, their mental health is weakening day by day. They are not aware of where they should stop and where they should go in the near future to build their career. They are becoming frustrated and as a result, students are committing suicides! The student should get a person at least in their school or somewhere else, with whom they can talk freely. People specialized from the field of career and mental health counselor should be employed in schools to guide the youngsters.

Smart Classrooms for Smart Children

Smart classes cannot promise to make a kid smart! But it provides a better, creative and energetic ambiance to the student to attain education information in a smart way. Learning makes a student amused when the subjects are interesting. Smart classes can do well in creating interest for a student as it has visuals to help students clutch over concepts faster! Only theories can’t clear confusions of a student. Smart classes offer the opportunity to learn through smart boards with 3D effects in which they can grab things quickly.

Encouragement of Student Participation

Instead of going through only theoretical skills, practical skills are also very important at a very young age. Teachers need to make them understand wise so that they can explain their thoughts. To make the students clear about the concept, they should get pitched over the views on the topic. Teachers should encourage the students to ask questions. They should get proper encouragement for participation to make them feel confident.

These are some of the many methods which can be implemented to improve the education system. It will help in sharpening the mind of a person both morally and rationally to get a better future.

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