How To Know If Your Computer Is Virus Infected?


Wondering how to check whether your computer is virus infected or not? Don’t worry! I’m here to help you. In this article, I’m going to help you get through some ways to check your computer for virus infections. There are some common indications that may indicate that your computer has infected with virus. Here are few symptoms that let you know that your computer is affected with virus:

Computer Virus

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  1. If you are the only user and your computer changes it selves that you didn’t make – like there appears a new toolbar that you didn’t install, your home page is different, your default browser changes, your default language changes and so on.
  2. Your computer barely crawls: If your computer is running slow it can be sign of malware, especially when you are not having a network problems and don’t have multiple programs running at same time. If you task manager shows all kind of system resources being used for the things that you are not doing, then it is conform that your computer is infected.
  3. Getting lots of pop-ups when you are not using internet. Pop-up ad is a nasty variety warning you that your computer is infected with virus and instructing you to click on the offered fake antivirus to protect your computer. It troubles you more if you click on it. So never click on pop-up.
  4. Files are changing or disappearing: If any some files are disappearing or authorship has changed even if you didn’t make any such changes¬†then your computer is probably infected.
  5. If your computer won’t boot up, won’t perform basic functions, won’t connect to internet (or connects with a bunch of windows open to sites you didn’t go to), randomly shuts down. Then again your computer is infected.
  6. Sending emails automatically: If your computer is sending emails automatically, then your PC is a part of a botnet and are infected.
  7. Your antivirus program disappears: If you have an antivirus program and it disappears then it indicates that your PC infected, especially when your security tools are vanished. Most of malware threats targets your security systems, so they can cause damage your computer.
  8. Your applications aren’t opening: If you cannot open or run your application, or opens something else when clicking on one application. Then your computer is in risk and is infected with virus.
  9. Typing specific website address in a URL takes you somewhere else, is an indication that your computer is infected with virus.
  10. If your computer Crashes: If BSOD (Blue screen of death) appears regularly on your computer screen then it is a clear warning that your system is not working properly and is affected with virus.
  11. Suspicious Hard Drive Activation: If your disk continues to displays unnecessary activity even when you don’t use it can indicate you that your system is infected.

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