8 Reasons to Develop an App ASAP (for your Business)


Research states that almost 80% of adults would have a smartphone or a similar type of gadget by the end of 2020. The recent trend shows almost 2.2million apps of Apple store and 2.8 million apps on Google Play store. This number isn’t decreasing and is expected to boost to even larger numbers. Hence, for a business to survive, it is vital for every business to own a business app.

8 Reasons to Develop an App

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Below we have listed some benefits of developing an app for your business and how a business can get the most out of it!

Gain competitive edge:

Every business has competition, but not every competitor has an app as of yet. Here you may get an edge by utilizing your app. If your competitor already has an app, then your business is at threat, and you instantly need to create an app for your business or else your business may not survive in the long run.

If you’re the first to release an app in your business category, you gain a unique selling proposition where your customer considers you the pioneer of the business. Also, your reach maximizes as most of the users now prefer doing activity through their mobile devices.

Improve the business process:

Apps need not offer every feature or service to be useful. For starters, it is recommended to stick with one simple objective or goal and spread out in time. This is quite efficient for those who’ve never developed an app before.

Not every app is supposed to be designed for customers; they can also be created to improve the internal processes. For instance, many companies have several departments (interconnected) which deals with confidential information. Hence, a secure app can be created to an improved internal transfer of information and data which would improve communication as well as efficiency.

These are only a few benefits that an app provides to your business as the lists of benefits are hard to count. If you already have an app for your business, then you don’t need to worry but if your business does not have an app, then it’s time to create an as soon as possible.

Improved customer experience:

Apps are now fulfilling other tasks as well. Their main objective now revolves around the fact of how a company generates sales and decrease servicing costs.

The customer needs to waste time standing in a long queue or call the company’s support centre. These apps give you the ability to create and access your accounts which includes the freedom to purchase items.

Created precisely for smartphone users:

Smartphone has taken over the market in the past two decades, and its trend isn’t stopping at all while many businesses have no idea the exact potential of this market. Although websites are being inaugurated for businesses most of these sites aren’t friendly for the small mobile screens. Apps, however, are designed to fit perfectly on the mobile screens. Through an app, the interaction between a client and a company would improve and so would increase the user experience.

Provide greater value proposition:

Apps are a way to create loyalty towards your brand. For example, some apps offer purchase points which increase as the customer makes the transactions. Through these points, the customer feels he or she is receiving something and not only investing. These points once accumulated can be used to get different gifts like watches, frying pans, etc. (depends upon the company’s preference).

In the modern era, some apps allow clients to even pay for their transactions. Discounts can be offered on downloads where you may use your app to buy products and services. Customers prefer this option not only for the discount factor but also due to the convenience factor where one click does everything for you!

Better visibility:

Once an app is downloaded, a shortcut gets created on your device’s screen. That doesn’t mean the user would use your app every day, but they would surely come across your app/brand every time they try to use their device (tablet or smartphone).

Cut down the marketing budget:

Print media and TV ads earn an enormous amount of money all for nothing. A service they provide which doesn’t even lasts a few seconds. Large businesses have adopted the traditional marketing techniques, but it’s time to move on.

Apps allow large or small businesses to advertise their products or services to the respective target market.

The push notification strategy is a far cheaper method of advertising a business or a brand (as compared to the traditional method).

Apps are quick, aren’t they?

Mobile apps are faster if compared to websites. Most of the apps remain active even when not being connected to the internet. Hence, the productivity of yours and that of your business improves. You will only have to figure out how to password protect your folders and apps through various app locking software(s).

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