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Mobile applications are inclusive of all modules of almost all businesses. There are almost 5 billion mobile users creating a huge market for mobile applications. With most businesses and consumers going digital, having a mobile application is highly recommended for business development. Here are few reasons why your business needs a mobile application:

Mobile Application

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  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Promotion
  • Online Store
  • Brand Value and Recognition
  • Revenue

It is a cost-effective way for business development. An application will allow business to directly have a communication channel with their customers. This can be a two-way communication channel. In case, the business wants to notify their customers of their new or existing sale, offers, an application can do this efficiently because the consumer will be notified on their mobile phone. For example, JEE Main 2018 prep application will students in studying and preparing for the entrance exam but also notify the date of the exam. It is also beneficial for any promotion the business wants to market. Having an application can also help businesses with online shopping who can accommodate their online shop on the mobile application. This adds brand value to the business as the application is always on the consumer’s mobile phone. A business can also make revenue from the application by ads. Ads are placed according to the cache of the user. For example: If a user has looked up NEET 2018 results recently they will get a display ad for the same.

If you are thinking of developing a mobile application for your business, here a few basic steps to developing mobile application:

  • Idea: Formulate an idea by considering of a problem in your business that can be resolved by the application. Research the target audience, available market and all possible competition. Look into the business module of competitors and read their reviews to get an idea of how things can work with your business. Analyse the shortcomings of the competition and try fixing that on your application. Ideate a new feature that isn’t already existing in the market which can help your application in standing out and getting popular.
  • Revenue: Mobile applications are a huge revenue generating markets. These are different ways revenues can be made; paid applications in-app purchases advertisements subscription and pay per download. Mobile application developer need to incorporate the most suitable form of revenue for the business.
  • Making the application: This is the technical part of this process. This process is mostly dominated by the mobile application developer who also work with the owner/representative of the business. This process consists of the following steps; UX/UI design, design-to-development, high-level technical design, extended review, deployment, monitoring and further improvement and iteration.
  • Integrate Analytics: This helps you keep a track of the downloads, user engagement, and user retention. Analytics like Loyalytics and Flurry are available in the market. Analytics help in making the application better according to the user experience. Also, focus on improving what works for the application and try to resolve the issues facing by the users.
  • Feedback: Once the application is available on the app store. Users are bound to leave a review of the application. This is beneficial as it creates a platform where users can voice their opinions on the website. And the problems with a majority can be worked on by the developers.
  • Improving/Introduce features: After the application is in the app store to keep it interesting, relevant and smooth running. It is important to have updates. This also helps in keeping a track of the number of users actually using the application.

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