How To Deal With These Top 5 Distractions


The human brain is indeed very creative, and, it’s creativity flourishes when it’s burdened with the load of work. Sometimes, this creativity turns out to be very fruitful, like, in the case of writers, music composers, artists and other such people in the field of liberal arts. However, in most of the cases, this “pop up message” that glows brightly in the brain is nothing but DISTRACTION.


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Distraction from work is the most common hindrance that we face when we are burdened with work. However, not all of us know how to shoo the alluring thoughts away and carry on with the work at hand. Hence, let us point out 5 major sources of distraction so that we can combat them the next time they knock on our door!

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1. Social Media

The social media governs the life of almost every individual. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such social networking sites is so strong that our fingers flutter to flip through the notification panel! To get rid of this distraction, it is advisable to switch off the notifications while working. Keeping the phone on silent mode is also essential. Along with this, multi-tasking online should also be given up because instead of saving time, it simply consumes more time.

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2. Texting

Texting is the most preferred mode of communication during the recent times and, also, the most time consuming one too. Thus, texting should be completely avoided as it distracts the brain and hinders the work process. So, it is better to always keep the phone in silent mode or to switch it off if necessary.

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3. Daydreaming

Another source of distraction that is extremely difficult to handle is daydreaming. As our mind spreads its wings, we get transported to a whole new world where imagination dominates reality only to make us soar to limits that not even our dreams can explore. Well, though it is the most difficult distraction to take care of, with meditation, this too can be handled efficiently, and, for the people who get distracted even during meditation, they must maintain a journal so that they can immediately pen down their imaginative thought and get back to work henceforth.

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4. Playing video games

This is probably one of the most addictive practices that distract us the most. Even though the graphics and the control take us to a different world altogether, the video games hamper our health too. Hence, instead of playing video games, it is advisable to play outdoor games that would make us fit and healthy.

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5. Smoking and Drinking

These two practices are by far the most distracting and the most dangerous of all. The habit of smoking and drinking is misunderstood as a remedy against exhaustion and depression. These practices are, in fact, injurious to health and hinder work processes. Thus, these two distractions definitely need to be given up by spending more time with the members of the family and socializing in a positive way.

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Thus, now that we have realized how essential it is to keep track of our brain, it is time to take up the challenge at hand and deal with the distractions that hinder our life and leave us with less time to enjoy ourselves!

So, dear readers here’s wishing you good luck in this venture!

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