All You Need To Know About Barrack Obama Conspiracy Theory


Everyone are prone to certain gossips and severe conspiracy. No one is exceptional, even the great leaders of the world are suspected of certain theories which may or may not be true. These theories are mostly false but sometimes they might really be true which will really shock the entire world.

Obama listen speech

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Here we are going to discuss the conspiracy theory of one of the most influential person on the earth who is none other than the first black president of United States of America.

Obama – The Foreigner

The main issue of people with Obama is his birth place. It is said that, (by Obama and others close to him), Hawaii was his birth place. He even produced birth certificate during his presidential election. But many say that it was a fake and no one could agree it other than the white house people.

Barack Obama’s birth place is Hawaii, according to the records. It is proved to be fake and the theory seems promising. In 1950’s and 60’s Hawaii government gave birth certificate to babies born in foreign land but lived there at the time of applying for the birth certificate. You all know Dr. Sun Yat Sen, for those who don’t know, he was a Chinese prime minister, had a Hawaiin birth certificate though his birth place was China. This proves that anyone can get a Hawaii birth certificate. This is a huge proof that Obama’s birth place was not Hawaii.

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Obama Birth Certificate

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There are other proofs as well stating that Obama was born in Kenya as well. Obama’s step grandmother told in a tape that Obama was born in Kenya.

Another solid proof to this theory is Obama’s Indonesian citizenship. He was also a citizen of Indonesia as he studied in a school where only Indonesian citizens are allowed to study. His step father adopted Obama at the age of 5 which makes him a citizen of Indonesia as well.

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Social Security Number

Apart from the birth controversy, president Obama was also prone to several other conspiracy theories.

Among many other theories, his social security number is another food for his enemies. It is said that Obama uses a social security number of a deceased person and it also said that his social security number links to some other person in Connecticut.

Another widespread theory is his selective service registration which failed to do, this is necessary to get a federal job. But Obama’s certification wasn’t accepted by the server, but later it did, you guys know how it could have.

There are many theories proposing that he is not a proper eligible president but all these are just theories which will never suppress the acts of one of the best president America has ever had.

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