Signs Indicating The Presence Of Ghosts


Most of the scientists don’t agree with the existence of ghosts. At the same time, they don’t have any proof to contradict the existence of ghosts. But many people believe in ghost’s presence because of some facts reported all over the world.


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So if ghosts are wandering around us, how to find them out?

Here are some signs which caution the presence of ghosts:

Unpredictable Sounds:

If ghosts are in your vicinity ,you might hear some growling sounds and it sounds weird that does they make sounds? Yes, there are some incidents happened in the past.

Moving of Doors and Windows:

When you leave your doors ajar, you can hear the sound of your doors shutting and opening.You might think they may be because of the wind. But sometimes you might fight them when the air is at a standstill.

Blink-and-Miss Appearances:

Sometimes you would feel something going back to you, but when you turn around will see nothing. Sometimes when you’re talking to someone you might feel someone watching you from the corner of your room, when you watch it clearly you can’t find anyone.

Peculiar Behavior of Animals:

There is a fact that animals can sense far better than humans. So you might observe some peculiar behavior of those. If it is a dog then it will shout loudly or it will jump incessantly. So you may observe these type of things when a ghost is near you.

Magic happens with Electric Appliances:

You may observe automatic switching on and off of lights and fans in your room. Fan suddenly rotates even if you don’t switch it on. Lights suddenly start to blink. So be careful, a ghost is paying you a visit.

Displacement of Objects:

You have kept something on your table in the living room.But the next day you might find it in your bedroom and when you ask your parents. They will say we haven’t touched that. So be cautious ghosts are wandering in your house.

Shadows and Silhouettes:

You may find shadow other than yours.Yes, the ghost is following you. Someone you loved the most, for whose death you felt bereaved.

Your Senses get some Work:

You might feel someone stroking your hair, you can smell something bad. You might hear some peculiar noises like the sounds we hear when someone cries.Ghosts like you a lot.

These are some signs of ghosts presence and some also admit that they had seen objects levitating. Who knows, it might be true. So be circumspect, ghosts have been wandering around you.

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